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Aileen Noon of Fashion Sensation (Photo)
Tasha Fischer of (Photo)

Tasha Fischer

Fueled by her passion to pursue a fashion-oriented career and supported by kindred souls, Tasha pours her creativity into MØJÖ. Tasha’s current website,, developed from her previous fashion blog, The original MØJÖ fashion blog came about as an outlet for fashion expression and was encouraged by the individuals in her life. Tasha relished the challenge of finding the confidence to promote herself. Seeking inspiration from Kristina Bazan, a fashion forward female role model, and Tavi Gevinson, the mastermind behind the successful blog Style Rookie, Tasha produced a digital product she was proud to call her own.

Currently, Tasha embraces a refreshed retro style, featuring over-the-shoulder blouses, silk cami tops, slap-back caps, and varsity jackets. An internship with Burberry helped Tasha hone her career interest and sparked love for her ‘must-have’ product this season: Burberry Beauty Effortless Eyebrow Definer. The transition to her current website started with an unbridled quest to provide a unique platform to promote artists, give a voice to the community, and support inspiring visions. With a thirst to create a larger digital presence with more diversified content, Tasha aims to document this generation’s “go rogue” spirit and support a diverse array of artistic endeavours. Philosophical at times, she is greatly impacted by individuals and environments, and contended that people appear in life at the right time for the right reason; some of these people have helped her grow in ways far beyond the blog.

Her favourite space is nestled in a corner of bustling Vancouver, The Salty Tongue, Tasha’s favorite café, which has a rich parallel. Armed with a London Fog, lemon shortbread, and an open mind, the blogger embraces the community-based approach in bring out interesting stories, and meet with new individuals.

Saaji Jamilah Jaffer
Saaji Jamilah Jaffer of Concrete Catwalk (Photo)

The director of Concrete Catwalk directs her dedication into formatting and recruiting for their blog. She aspires to illuminate fashion from different perspectives by featuring various writers with respective ideas on fashion and style. The blog focuses on university fashion, accessible to students, and aims to represent a variety of themes; features include ‘Day in Detail’ and ‘Students Off Duty’. Jamilah emphasised their commitment to supporting genuine individuals and a diversity of style, people, fashion, and backgrounds. Jamilah’s wardrobe essentials range from an array of nearly identical white button-downs, in varying lengths, and embroidered accessories, inspired by Gucci’s embroidered low-top sneakers, to Kiehl’s Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate. The upcoming year brings bold prospects for Concrete Catwalk, including increased content output, a leadership transition, greater collaboration, and campus ambassadors.

Aileen Noonan

Aileen utilises fashion as a creative outlet to express herself; from designing her own clothing to styling carefully crafted pieces, Aileen aims to “delve into the world of impeccable style and taste.” A sequence of fashion writing, dressmaking classes, and inspiring surroundings spurred the vision for her blog: Fashion Sensation. Aileen suggests simple ways to transform an outfit, including a statement handbag in vibrant colours, including red, blue, or yellow, or a gorgeous coat; she also indicates sequins as an autumn/winter trend. Currently studying abroad in Melbourne, the city and its many amenities, including the recent Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, offers Aileen a beautiful backdrop to not only find style inspiration to write on but also take photos for her blog.

Aileen Noon of Fashion Sensation (Photo)
Aileen Noon of Fashion Sensation (Photo)


Kudos to these St Andrews based blogs, whose very existence offers vast inspiration and stimulates interest in fashion-based writing. Best of luck to these bloggers as they expand their digital platforms, and I’m sure continue to move upwards in the exciting, inspiring world of fashion blogging.


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