Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Delay Detach gains recognition



The ever exciting Sonder Theatre are currently performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and have taken the original Delay Detach written by recent St Andrews graduate and well-loved script writer Joanna Alpern. Directed by Joanna Bowman and produced by Laura Antone with other Mermaids favourites involved, this truly is the dream production team at work.


As per usual every minute detail has been seen to and the actors have been rehearsed to perfection. Amy Chubb and Cara Mahoney play life long friends Caitlin and Sophie from the time they are in primary school to old age. With no costume changes, no set apart from two black boxes and minimal lighting, the play is simple yet enticing and has audience members breathless at certain points.


The play charts the friendship between Caitlin and Sophie, jumping between scenes to highlight the development at different ages. Caitlin is the troubled friend, burdened by the lack of a present mother, she turns to sex and self harm at a very young age and is time after time picked up and patched back together by Sophie. Despite sour spots in their relationship, they remain friends throughout the years conquering depression, bad relationships and bad financial problems.

Credit: Sonder Theatre


It is apparent that Sophie sees Caitlin as a burden at times, a duty, and a person for whom she is responsible. She even admits that she aborted her first child as it would have had a disorder that she sees in Caitlin. Full of stunning character revelations, providing the viewer with an insight into themselves, Alpern ends her play with a poignant twist reminding us all of the fragility of our lives.


The play is an extremely powerful piece of theatre causing the viewer to reflect on all elements of their own life, their friendships and life troubles. Tackling broad themes such as trust, naivety and the power of silence, Delay Detach is an absolute triumph and completely worthy of its recent nomination for the Scottish Arts Club Theatre Award. Fringe plays qualify for shortlisting dependent on Scottish participation in the production and winners receive the infamous “Flying Artichoke.”


The Saint wishes the cast and crew of Delay Detach the very best for their continuing run at the Fringe and for the outcome of the awards.


Delay Detach

Olive Studio, Greenside at Infirmary Street




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