Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Blind Mirth triumphs


Does the St Andrews community too often take our comedy talent for granted? With all the ‘in jokes’ flowing freely around the town and the abundance of – frankly – funny people, yes we do take our comedy society for granted. That is until one actually goes to watch a Blind Mirth show and all the ills of the world seem to be righted.

Currently performing every night (except 14th August ) at Paradise in the Vault on Merchant Street in Edinburgh, Blind Mirth has been thrilling audiences with their witty improv. Their shows are quite unlike any other Fringe comedy show, their involvement of the audience for suggestions and constant light heartedness making the show entirely unique.

The troupe have been welcoming back favourites (Matthew Knapp and Fay Morrice) from years past to “play”, as they put it. The group has fun; they play with words and exceed confidence. The especially enticing thing is that each show is different, based on suggestions from the audience and so, every night a different show is born.

The Blind Mirth cast 2015-16 Credit: Cate Kelly
The Blind Mirth cast 2015-16
Credit: Cate Kelly

The show is split into two sections, beginning with a short section consisting of several games involving three or four cast members. Bringing in politics, current events, history, music, films etc. the troupe produces line after line of hysterical content ensuring the audience are bent double with laughter throughout the entire hour of the performance.

The second section consists of a longer one off play, based around a randomly selected Fringe flyer. The troupe then rolls with it and spontaneously produces a thirty-minute performance. The spectacular thing about these talented individuals is their ability to produce such hysterical lines out of thin air.

Special mention must go to Stephen Quinn for a wide range of accents, Ed Fry for his rendition of Who Am I? from Les Misérables and to Kate Kitchens for a remarkable performance of a chicken. Yes, it all sounds odd and admittedly it is, but does that really matter?

As for taking Blind Mirth for granted, so many fellow students have heard about the group, believe them to be good and a credit to the theatre scene but “No, I haven’t ever seen them,” is a constant retort. Instead of just being aware of their existence, go to the Barron Theatre on a Monday night at 8pm, begin your week with some comedy and let the troupe thoroughly entertain you while chasing away your worries.

Until then, Blind Mirth has yet again brought mirth to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, producing a triumphant show for all. My only complaint would be that the show is not long enough!


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