Pro-EU protest to be held in St Andrews

A pro-EU protest is to be held in St Andrews later today.

The event, called “EUnited – St Andrews Solidarity Action” is being held to “stand together with EU workers and residents” and to “protect the rights of our friends and neighbours,” according to its Facebook page.

In a press release, the organisers of the event, Kirsty Graham and Emmie Bryant, said “On June 23rd, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. This sentiment was not echoed in Scotland, where over 60% of us voted to stay. Scotland is an outward looking and tolerant country that now faces being taken out of the EU against its will.

Going on to comment on incidents of racism in the UK since the referendum result Graham and Bryant said, “Shocking incidents of hatred and abuse have been reported around the UK since the referendum results were announced. Residents and workers in the UK from the EU and further afield feel unsafe, unwelcome and under threat. Furthermore, other rights protected by the EU such as those for women and the LGBT community, are also facing an uncertain future.

“A general strike for all EU workers living in the UK has been called for July 4th ( and there are currently 41,000 people interested or attending. The aim of the strike is to emphasise that as the UK moves forward with leaving the EU, we need to recognise the rights of EU citizens currently living here.

“In solidarity with the nationwide EU workers strike, we are organising a rally in St Andrews, Scotland. Our focus is to let all migrants of all nationalities know that they are welcome here, and that we will fight for their rights side by side in this difficult time.

“We will stand together and show our friends and neighbours who feel under attack in the wake of the referendum that they will always have a place to call home with us, in St Andrews, Fife and Scotland.

“We recognize that many EU citizens in St Andrews and people with EU funding at the university are now uncertain. The University has been very supportive, and we want to show that they also have public support.”

The event will be held today (July 4) in Church Square, St Andrews from 4.30 PM until 6.00 PM.

One thought on “Pro-EU protest to be held in St Andrews

  • July 8, 2016 at 8:04 pm

    You are not correct in quoting that 60% of Scots voted to stay in the E.U. As only 67% of those eligible to vote, voted. Therefore only 41.6% of the electorate voted to stay in the E.U. That is less than 50% of the total electorate. The misleading info you give out does not do your cause,whatever it is justice. Figures can be easily manipulated to give credence to any cause. It could be said that the 1 million plus in Scotland and Northern Ireland,who voted to Leave swung the U.K.voted. Anything can be manipulated, especially if you are a politician.


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