Intern 101: gaining perspective with every photocopy

Troy Takemori
Troy Takemori, a second year studying neuroscience, has spent his summer internship learning the ins and outs of immigration law in Maryland. Here, he explains its mundane aspects that allow for success in such a powerful, emotional job.
Troy Takemori
© Troy Takemori
What’s your internship this summer?

So my internship this summer is with my family’s immigration law firm. It’s a very small firm but we’ve been open for about 12 years or so.

What does your work entail?

 As far as work is concerned, I’m mainly just scanning and archiving documents, completing forms, and entering client information into our website that keeps track of individual cases.

How did you find your internship?

As for finding my internship, my mum asked me to help her around the office and I obliged.

What’s your favourite thing about your internship?

My favourite thing about my internship is definitely hearing the stories that clients have to tell about their life in the countries they fled. Hearing these stories really makes you feel grateful for all the liberties you are afforded by living in a politically stable country. There can also be a bit of travel involved. I remember my mom had to fly to Brazil once to sort out some stuff and I think she needs to go to Mexico as well. She flew to Texas today to get someone out of jail.

What’s the hardest thing about your internship?

The hardest thing about my internship would definitely be the monotony of office tasks and how tedious they can be.

Do you have any advice for students hoping to intern?

As for advice I’d say go with the flow and try to work efficiently.


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