Toro Tapas Launch: a breath of fresh air

Photo: Natasha Waddell
Photo: Natasha Waddell
Photo: Natasha Waddell

Satisfying the discerning palates of students in St. Andrews has never been an easy task.

Students Joshua Foo, Felix Arris and Isidora Grgur identified a niche in our small town and decided to open a pop-up tapas bar, Toro Tapas.

On the evening of April 15th, 150 guests arrived at the invite-only soft launch party see what was on the menu for the new kid on the block.

Between the hours of five and eleven at night, Toro Tapas lived up to its name with student servers donning red trousers to mimic matadors and serving up Spanish tapas with an Asian twist.

Toro Tapas, which took place in Bibi’s Cafe at 5 Ellice Place, aims to provide students with an outlet to pop in for a quick bite, relax in a calm atmosphere, and have a glass of wine (it’s BYOB, by the way!) with friends.

This student-run restaurant caters to the budget-conscious population, with tapas costing only £3 and paellas available at a cool £5.

The three young entrepreneurs who organized the event decided to offer “not only something very different from all the other places in town, but also at the best value” through their tapas bar, according to Felix Arris, a first year IR student.

Joshua Foo, a first year management student, developed a menu with 5 tapas and 3 paellas. The menu merged Mr Foo’s Asian heritage with his love of Spanish cuisine.

The hit of the night was the dish of torched, smoky Japanese meatballs. Other highlights included the pulled beef and the Spanish omelettes.

Mr Foo has had no culinary training, which makes his accomplishment all the more impressive. On the other hand, the paellas were less exemplary.

Also, for those who still had some appetite, some fine macaroons effectively satisfied my sweet tooth when they squeaked with each bite.

Mr Arris and Isidora Grgur, another first-year IR student, created a perfect atmosphere with relaxed music in the background, allowing the crowds to enjoy a slower-paced dining experience with a focus on the social aspect of eating out.

Toro Tapas has started on the right path, providing a new experience in town and good food at a low price. In the months ahead, they will work towards improvement and consolidate as a new business.

For those who did not manage to snag an invite, look forward to their grand opening next semester. Toro Tapas will be open 4 times per semester (although popular demand may add dates), with services running on Friday evenings only.

More information can be found on the event’s Facebook page.


Photo: Natasha Waddell
Photo: Natasha Waddell


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