Throwback in the name of charity


Following last semester’s smashing success, Harvest Throwback will be returning to the Vic this Thursday 21 April. Hosted by Ashton Squires, the event promises the standard throwbacks of Thursdays evenings, at a cheap price: In lieu of paying the three pound entry fee, guests may donate food on the door. As any participants of school food drives will remember, donated food must be nonperishable: Pasta, cereal, soup, long life milk, beans. This food will be donated to the local foodbank Storehouse, where it will then be used to feed the hungry.

The concept behind the event is convenience. With Tesco less than a ten seconds’ walk from the Vic doors, guests may easily purchase a packet of pasta for less than one pound. Alternatively, anyone may root through their own kitchen cupboards for a spare can of beans. Should you wish to pay the three pound entry fee, all proceeds will be donated to Storehouse alongside the food.

Storehouse has served the community of Fife since 2006. Thanks to donations such as Harvest Throwback’s, they have been able to provide bags of food and toiletries to those who are unable to provide for themselves as a result of a family crisis, domestic violence, or other unfortunate situations. This Thursday, anyone may come to the Vic and make their own donation, be it in the form of cash or food, to a worthwhile cause.


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