The St Andrews Revue: LOOP Reviewed

It was late, I had already been at two events that evening, but arriving to the relaxed celebratory atmosphere of the Byre Theatre complete with live jazz music and atmospheric lighting immediately lightened my mood. This was not part of On the Rocks but it was a lovely coincidence. The late hour added a sense of Parisian chill to the air and the anticipation of mixing this with comedy created an excited buzz.


The main auditorium was about three quarters full, an impressive turnout considering the low-key nature of The Revue this year. Those who attended were treated to over an hour of wonderful comedy, the perfect end to a busy day. Considering there were a mere three performers, the energy emitting from the stage was intense and kept the audience in fits of laughter throughout.


The basis for the show was that the sketch-show performers were stuck on a loop of sketches from which they were unable to escape. The show featured them trying various methods such as a jangling keys and sacrificing a rather unwilling victim of the audience in the form of Rosie Beech who improved her unexpected part perfectly.


Like all good sketch shows, there were several running themes including the story of Adam and Eve and the Feminist Game Soc. The clever addition of music such as Carmina Burana during the expulsion from the Garden of Eden added an extra comical touch with the EU Charity Single attempting to convince Britain to re-join the United Kingdom was genius.


Of special note to this publication was the sketch concerning the founding of the university and the founding of The Saint. Sitting in the exact middle of the auditorium, the mention of my being there certainly brought a smile to my face especially as it was made in a positive manner.


Like all comedy shows, a review cannot truly do justice to this superb performance. All three were absolutely on fire, the jokes kept coming and the audience was enthralled. I hope to see more from The Revue in the very near future!

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