The Smirths Reviewed



I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, going to see a Blind Mirth performance that would be largely scripted.


But, it proved to be a performance, which was so good, it has prompted me to write this uncharacteristically short review.


Credit must go to each and every one of the team for what was a truly stellar performance, purely and simply hilarious, with no overtly complicated sets or unnecessary props to detract from the genuinely witty dialogue.


Photo credit: Al Gillespie
Photo credit: Al Gillespie

The real genius behind the writing was, for me, the very “One foot in the Grave”-esque recurrence of a continuing theme throughout the show; a seemingly irrelevant but amusing incident which would crop back up later, proving itself to be a hilarious punch line in some seemingly unconnected sketch – in this case, a ham and cheese panini.


The acting was flawless despite a few muffled lines, each performer’s glances, wry smiles and subtle body language sending the audience into hysterics.


Whilst Ed Fry must be congratulated for his superb command of the troop, it was refreshing to see some new faces.


The team deserved all the applause they got, for what was an incredibly cleverly written, well coordinated and skilfully carried out performance.


It’s just a pity it’s not running for a few more nights…


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