The Saint’s Top 8


1. Strictly Come Dancing

On Thursday 7 April, the On The Rocks Festival and St Andrews’ Ballroom and Latin Dance Society will be bringing to life St Andrews Strictly Come Dancing in the Buchanan Lecture Theatre. A chance to watch both professional dancers and students paired and judged, this year’s event guarantees an evening of entertainment. Tickets are available on the Byre’s website for only £5.

2. Onesie Bop

Who doesn’t love a chance to lounge around in a onesie all day? Well this Friday 8 April you can do so, and shamelessly wear it out, too. With comfy clothing, friends and Pablos galore the Onesie Bop is a Friday night you don’t want to miss.

3. Ceilidh in the Castle

Combining beloved Scottish tradition and our town’s breathtaking historical grounds, this year’s On The Rocks Ceilidh in the Castle will take place Sunday 20 April at the castle ruins. Tickets are available on the On The Rocks Festival website, www. for only £7 or £5 if you are a member of the Celtic Society

4. Re:fashion Spring

Re:fashion is finally back this coming Monday 11 April at Parliament Hall for an evening of rummaging through clothes for a great chance to renew your wardrobe at a seriously discounted price.

5. Introspect

On Tuesday 12 April, University students will be presenting an exhibition exploring mental health through art. The event will be held for free in Beacon Bar between 7:30 and 11:30 pm and will be a great opportunity to immerse oneself in both the beauty of student art and others’ perspectives on mental health, a topic that has been causing every-increasing talk within the University these past few months.

6. Label Fashion Show

As the newest and last show to enter this year’s fashion season, Label Fashion Show is being held Thursday 14 April in Club 601. With a central theme of acceptance, Label promises to be one of the most inclusive events to ever have graced the St Andrews social scene. Tickets are available online through the Facebook page for £25 for both the show and afterparty and only £5 for the afterparty alone.

7. Can’t Walk

As a kind of parody-spin-off of the university’s fashion season, the Men’s Football Club will be hosting its own version of a fashion show at Rascals bar on Thursday 14 April at 8:30 pm. If you are not attending Label, for only £2 entry this laid-back and light-hearted event might be the perfect event to attend as a change to your typical Thursday night.

8. Rugby 7s Afterparty

After last year’s success, the St Andrews 7s will once again culminate in the Rugby 7s Afterparty at Kinkell Byre, on Saturday 16 April. Though library ticket sales happened last week, there is still a chance to get a ticket at the tournament on the afternoon of the event at University Park.


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