Students for Britain to host conference in St Andrews


The Scottish branch of the Eurosceptic group Students for Britain is due to host a conference in St Andrews on 13 April.

The itinerary will focus on discussions on range of issues, such as the economy, education and democracy.

James Bundy, coordinator of Scottish Students for Britain in St Andrews said: “The upcoming Students for Britain conference will seek to convince young people that the United Kingdom will have a more prosperous future when we leave the European Union and dispel the myths of the ‘in’ campaign”.

The event will also be attended by a guest speaker, former MP and director of the Vote Leave Campaign in Scotland, Tom Harris.

Mr Harris, who had been an MP for Glasgow South since 2001 until losing his seat to the SNP last year, said the Labour Party had a “long tradition of scepticism” when it came to the EU.

A renowned Eurosceptic, in a column in the Daily Record, Mr Harris wrote: “Every week the UK sends £350m to the EU. Scotland’s share is roughly a tenth of that – more than £1.5bn a year”.

“Just think what that money could buy here in Scotland – on schools, on our health service, repairing our roads – if it wasn’t being sent into the black hole that is EU spending.”

He said the UK leaving the EU would furthermore bring powers to the Scottish Parliament, and that Britain and Scotland would “have a much brighter future than we do right now”.

The event will be open to all students who would be interested in Britain’s position within the European Union, not just those on the sceptic bench.



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