St Andrews Night Live Reviewed



It was such a pleasure to watch the first St Andrews Night Live show. One could tell that the show was of popular demand as the ushers kept running in and out to count the number of available seats they had left to offer the big crowd that was waiting at the door. However, I’m sure that the people who “got off the waitlist” didn’t mind the wait as the show turned out to be a massive success.

The live show was an ensemble ranging from stand-up comedy, to sketch and improvisation. While all performances received an equal amount of applause and giggles from the audience, there were a few that stood out to me, including the following:

  1. As King Henry VIII looks for a new wife, he goes on Tinder to search for that special someone, all while using older vocabulary to translate modern terminology into fads of the past. Later on in the show, a date is set between King Henry and his mysterious girl, only for both parties to be disgusted with how each other look in real life, as compared to their Tinder profiles.
  2. The standup comedy featuring five comedians all holding their own items that were supposed to resemble a microphone (as the comedy club couldn’t afford to give them actual ones.) The jokes in their comedy routines ranged from the fashion of students at St. Andrews, poking fun at the lyrics of a Lukas Graham song, designing a new type of postcard, to the comedians taking shots at their personal lives.
  3. A Geordie man finally finds a voice recognition app that can understand his accent. The relationship between the two ensues because he feels that this app is the only thing that truly understands him.


The show covered topics that anybody could relate to such as family, childhood and the influence of technology. St Andreans would specifically appreciate the performers’ touch on first-years drinking habits to make friends and Dervish’s foot delivery. Apart from that, the comedians pertained to the diverse audience by collecting humour from different regions such as British slang and the American elections.


For a comedic show, the acting was top-notch. The performers had a spark of enthusiasm that echoed all the way through. Their professionalism was demonstrated in the little things such as changing stage settings quickly during blackouts. A few actors had different characters in continuous performances, but all of them were able to change character smoothly. The one thing that I admired the most was that the actors were able to get the audience engaged for every single minute of the show, whether by breaking the fourth wall or by reacting to the crowd.

Inspired from the successful late night American television show, St. Andrews Night Live employed some of the key elements from the original (the opening host monologue, numerous skits and imitation advertisements) while not failing to make it St Andrews’ own version. Although this was the first time this production was performed here at the university, those involved in it appeared to be such naturals as if they had done it hundreds of times.

All in all, St Andrews Night Live was one for the ages. If there needed to be one criticism, it would be that the comedians from last night have set the bar incredibly high. Future followers definitely have big footsteps to fill. From jokes about the university and its culture, to society and the outer world, the show featured comedy that anybody would enjoy. St. Andrews Night Live was a must see show that left the audience wanting more.



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