On The Rocks’ Overground: Late April Fools Gone Wrong?


Oh dear, things really aren’t looking great for Music is Love/On the Rocks collaborations so far. After their somewhat failed crossover event on Tuesday I was really hoping this event would be better. However after Saturday night I appear to have been proven wrong. Admittedly this event did have things going for it: It had a Facebook page and was only £3 entry. Cheap and easy (easy to hear about that is) are key elements of any students’ life, so in theory this should have been a success. Maybe it was just that the house music event hadn’t piqued interest, or it was just the end of a long week, but it didn’t quite turn out as advertised.

Now I should have known when I walked in that it wasn’t going to be a great night. For one thing, 601 wasn’t fully open as they had that weird sliding partition up, and an out of place DJ booth set up on the end of the minuscule ‘dance floor’. Another thing that immediately set up warning signs was that the room was dead. And I mean dead dead. Admittedly it was fairly early in the evening, approximately 12:30, but still I counted 3 people maximum. And sadly the room didn’t seem to fill up at all throughout the night – while I was there the numbers peaked at 10 but dropped down to 2. Lets just say the 78 people who said they were going on the Facebook event page lied.

Arguably though the biggest issue was the music. Maybe I’m old and miserable, but at this point in the week I was not up for house music at such a fast tempo. Furthermore DJ Tesco (who has my favourite name of a DJ ever) just kept awkwardly switching between tracks that didn’t really work together. This created an oddly jolty effect that just set the mood for an mediocre night. The opening act, DJ Wrisk, who was also brought in from Edinburgh, didn’t really fair too much better. Maybe they were thrown by the complete lack of audience but nevertheless I felt I would not have enjoyed the music even if the event had been full. Not even the drunkest of the drunk were dancing and a couple of people literally came in just to hit the bar as the outside one was packed.

As I left I stroke up a conversation with the bouncer: “If only people who bought wristbands stayed, the room would be full!” she assured me. In response I smiled and waved goodbye, internally shaking my head. It is no lie that the main bar outside was surprisingly packed, particularly for a Saturday night at the Union. But it was 2AM and the DJs had now finished their sets so I had some doubt that the club would miraculously fill…


  1. What a lazy review. Pay no attention to it. Every fact stated here is wrong, from the entry price to the running order. It is clear that this person has no interest in dance or club music. I was there, and it wasn’t that busy, but compared to Tuesday’s event it was a huge success. Even though the atmosphere was lacking, the music was undoubtedly the best I’ve ever heard played in the union in my three years as a student here. They even played actual vinyls, almost like real DJs! I can assure you that the mixing was far smoother than any of the Bop DJs’. I wish people showed more of an interest in it, as a lack of good club music is the main difference I notice between here and my friends’ universities. Such a shame that this attempt was thwarted by the same apathy that killed the opening event. An even greater shame that lazy reviews, such as this one, are nailing the coffin of any hope that our University has of entering the 21st century with regards to culture and entertainment.


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