On The Rocks’ Music Cafés end on a high note


Essentially acting as a talent agency for student artists, Music is Love is no stranger to collaborations. A long-standing partner of Under Canvas and frequent guest of STAR radio, MiL has united with On the Rocks for a series of popular Music Cafes throughout the festival. Beginning on 1 April, a variety of MiL-associated artists have lent their talents to the Old Union Coffee Shop, open past its usual 5:30 close to accommodate an alternative to a fast-paced night out.

This past Friday, the final Music Cafe marked the near-end of this year’s OtR. Wine was sipped alongside tea and hot chocolate as guests embraced the relaxing atmosphere. Some attendees coloured on construction paper, some cracked open their laptops, and some simply perched in their chairs and listened to the music. Friday’s lineup featured Casper Sanderson, Amy Hill and Chris Andrews, the latter two likely being familiar to anyone anticipating their sets at this year’s Under Canvas.

The acoustic music suited the setting: although centrally located and equipped with food and wifi, the Old Union Coffee Shop is a frequently overlooked venue. Low ceilings, stone walls, and warm drinks all contributed to the intimate, cozy vibe that the cafe provides on a daily basis. Crowded just to the point of feeling full, the free event was a welcome relief from deadlines or nightclubs, rounding out the week on a much needed therapeutic note.


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