Battle of the Bands: bringing live music to St Andrews


On the night of May Dip, the best house parties don’t begin until 2am. With this in mind, the Union will be offering a pre-party in the form of Battle of the Bands, the first iteration of what is anticipated to become a yearly event. Billed as the largest live music event in St Andrews, the Battle will utilise Club 601 as a concert venue, giving local bands an opportunity to perform on the largest possible scale.

Chris Ames tells us that the Battle ultimately hopes to establish St Andrews as a viable destination for visiting bands. Students frequently journey to Edinburgh or Glasgow in order to see their favourite bands; however, St Andrews has both the space and the demand for artists to include us on their tour schedule. By hosting five bands on the stage of Club 601, Battle of the Bands will demonstrate our collective ability to host a concert.

Featuring the bands Pink Eye On Picture Day, Atom Tan, Beef Stew, the Black Adders, and Midnight Drive, there will be more than enough music to fill the night. The event will begin promptly at 9:30, with each band being allocated twenty minutes to show off their musical prowess. The five bands will then be culled to a single pair, who will then square off in the final hour. Guests will participate in the final selection process, cheering for their preferred victor.

Although only in its first year, Battle of the Bands has attracted several sponsors: Barrowlands, Kenny’s Music and Red Dog Music. Consequently, the band crowned champion will receive a £100 voucher from Kenny’s Music, as well as the coveted opportunity to play a gig at the Barrowlands. By focusing on the local St Andrews music scene, the Battle hopes to grant exposure to lesser known musicians, those up-and-coming talents who will finally have the chance to prove themselves.

As the Union’s final significant event of the year, Battle of the Bands is sure to attract a crowd. A mere £3.50 if purchased in advance, a ticket will grant the bearer an experience unlike any previous 601 nights. Hopefully, the Battle will be a sign of a larger live music scene to arrive in St Andrews.


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