Applications for Rector’s Assessor open

Applications of the position of Rector’s Assessor have now opened.

The Rector’s Assessor is a voluntary position, with the main role being to act as the link between the Rector and the student body, to aid and advise the Rector, and to sit on the University Court as a full member and on the Student Representative Council as a non-voting member.

The Assessor meets regularly with the Rector to advise on policy issues, discuss upcoming events and campaigns and ensure the Rector has a coordinated media and web presence in St Andrews.

The role of the Rector is to preside at meetings of the University Court — the highest governing body of the University and serve as a representative of the student body. The current Rector is Catherine Stihler, Member of the European Parliament for Scotland.

Past students to hold the position include current and previous Association Presidents Pat Mathewson and Chloe Hill.

Since the term of John Cleese (1970-73) this position has always been filled by a student.

To apply, students should send a CV and a one page letter to Any matriculated student is eligible to apply.

Applications will close on 6 April.

Shortlisted applicants will be asked to interview on the afternoon of 15 April, and a final decision will be made by 18 April. The next Rector’s Assessor will formally begin their term on 1 July.

Current Assessor Annie Newman said, “Serving as the Rector’s Assessor gave me a chance to give back to the university that’s given me so much. That’s why I’ve loved it.

“The experience is unlike anything else at this university, and – if you’re experience is anything like mine – you’ll walk away humbled by how spectacular our student body is, grateful for the time to serve it, and with a friend for life in Catherine.

“To say that I enjoyed my time as Assessor would be a giant understatement, and I can’t wait to share this experience with my successor.”

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