Your guide to the Ultimate St. Andrews coffee shop playlist


St. Andrews is a town, which seems replete with copious amounts of coffee shops. The residents of our seaside town seem to create unbreakable loyalties with their café of choice. The visitors to each seem to have a certain stereotype they fit, and so I now pro-vide you with a guide to accompany this. Here is what you should be listening to while picking up your morning beverage of choice.

Taste: You order a soya macchiato to take to life drawing after a casual J with your social anthropology lecturer. You skate board there because you like the feeling of the wind in your beard and aspire to one day have your picture on the board. Music is just an expression of your thoughts, and exposes you to a multitude of emotions and Bob Dylan or Belle and Sebastian albums provide the perfect soundtrack to your vibe.


Starbucks: You’re a first year American. What better than a pumpkin spiced latte in fall? Donning your Barbour and new Hunters, you get takeaway for your IR lecture. You give the barista your ‘Starbucks name,’ but they still manage to spell it wrong. While you wait for your drink, your phone rings with JB set as the ring-tone. You claim that you loved him ‘before he was popular’ but that’s not something you should really be shouting about.

Beanroom: At the first committee meeting of the ‘Netflix and chill society’, you order a London fog. Wanna seem casual. So many seats free, it’s almost overwhelming. Need to scout out new members in between your film study lectures. Over the speakers, Jason Mraz’s summery sounds are chirping out; you feel cool and individual but maybe you should question why everyone else isn’t still listening to him.

Con panna: Who even are you?? There are just token coffee shop songs playing, non descript and perfectly forgettable.

Zest: You find the green of your takeaway smoothie a symbol of your health and concern for the environment. IPod’s are far too capitalist for you, and vinyls are more on your wavelength. Carole King’s music is a must and her environmental philanthropy is truly inspirational. You love to debate the merits of missing Sustainable Development for Yoga – this place epitomizes the alignment of mind, body and soul.

North Point: Hella hungover with your vision blurry and hands shaking, you recap your questionable decisions from the night before and the multiple Kygo Remix’s are still ringing in your ears. Most of your friends are in the clothes from the night before while being judged by the couples reliving Will and Kate’s dates. Coffee isn’t needed when you’ve got their bacon and pancakes.

Cottage Kitchen: This is essentially your second home, as it is perfectly located between your South Street house and your art history lectures. If you didn’t Instagram a picture of your scones and peppermint tea, did you really go? Nothing better than a quick bitch with the girls, surrounded by the people you’re bitching about. In your home from home, you want to listen to something that reminds you of your AGA clad crib, throw back to three years ago where Lumineers were reigning strong but up your game with their long-awaited track Ophelia.

Photo: cottage kitchen website
Photo: cottage kitchen website

Bibi’s: During the first date with a girl from your geology lab, you walk in looking for a table but inevitably your glasses steam up so you can’t tell your date apart from the elderly townies. You order a hot chocolate and cream for you both – your cable-knit sweater and clean-shaven baby face signal to your date that you’re perfect to take home to mama. As you walk out of the door after your date, First day of my Life by Bright Eyes will have all the right lyrics for you to relate to.

Use these recommendations to tailor what you listen to over your coffee.


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