Travel bursaries help students pursue internships that may otherwise be impossible

Illustration: Dillon Yeh
Illustration: Dillon Yeh
Illustration: Dillon Yeh

Despite the fact that travel bursaries provide an excellent opportunity to engage in summer break projects, surprisingly few people know of their existence. To help rectify this issue, a spokesman for the University provided a statement detailing projects students can pursue using the funds.

There are seven bursaries on offer, although they are not open to all students. For example, there is one bursary specifically for residents of St Salvator’s that was created to mark the hall’s Golden Jubilee. Another bursary, the Zannah Stephen Memorial Travel Scholarship, is only open to third years in certain schools. The majority of scholarships are targeted at undergraduates, which leaves space for a new scholarship for those further along in their studies.

The spokesman said that the criteria for selecting scholarship recipients is “based on benefit to others, benefit to self, financial need and satisfactory academic progress of the student. The com-mittee assesses the best scoring projects against the criteria for the scholarships and makes the awards.”

Despite the label of travel scholar-ship, funds can be used for a wide variety of projects. The spokesman mentioned how successful applicants in the past have used money for funding projects ranging from sports camps and language schools to internships in ma-rine research and assisting with archaeological investigations. This opens up significant opportunities for St Andrews students, making internships, that once seemed impossible due to financial constraints, possible.

“We would encourage students to make the most of this opportunity and of the generosity of those who have given the funds to the University,” the spokesman said. While the selection of travel bursaries is limited, there is still opportunity for students to take advantage of the scheme. Applications for this summer are closed, but next year the school will offer similar opportunities.

Although the spokesman said that there is “one centralised application process,” as the donors are “a mixture of alumni and companies or trusts,” the database of scholarships and funding on E-Vision shows that the classics department has two travel scholarships not included on the travel scholarships webpage. The department has made students aware of these scholarships through a series of emails; however, if the University is to fulfil its goal of listing travel scholarships in the same place, the webpage should be updated to cover all funds available.

While the current range of scholarships has its limitations, the spokesman said, “We hope that we may be able to add further scholarships in the future and so broaden the impact that the scholarships can have.”


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