The Saint’s guide to SSC positions


SSC charities officer

Current position holder: Amy Christison

Position description: The SSC charities officer (also known as the Charities Campaign convenor) oversees the Charities Campaign. They plan and chair the Charities Campaign’s public and executive meetings, oversee the Campaign’s subcommittees (such as Race2 and RAG Week) and support the Committee, which consists of over 30 members. On a wider scale, they represent the charitable community of St Andrews at public events.

SSC debates officer

Current position holder: Alyssa Muzyk

Position description: The SSC debates officer is the president of the Union Debating Society, the oldest and one of the most prestigious in the English-speaking world. The role is both demanding and rewarding: the president is responsible for overseeing almost everything the society does, from organising top-flight weekly public debates to setting the year’s budget.

SSC performing arts officer

Current position holder: Jo Bowman

Position description: The SSC performing arts officer is president of the Mermaids Performing Arts Fund, one of the subcommittees of the Association. Mermaids funds and supports 30-40 shows a year, as well as Christmas Ball, the biggest annual Union event, so a large part of the job is supporting the Mermaids Committee and the shows in handling day-to-day logistics.

SSC music officer

Current position holder: Ipek Ozsoy

Position description: As music officer, the role in the SSC is to facilitate communication between Music is Love, the Union’s music subcommittee, and the rest of the events and services committee. Music is Love puts on gigs and supports students wishing to make music.

SSC broadcasting officer

Current position holder: Bruce Kerr

Position description: The SSC broadcasting officer is better known the station manager of STAR: St Andrews Radio. This means responsibility for one of the biggest and brightest student communities, which showcases 90 live shows. It also means responsibility to the entire student body: to share great new music, informative news articles and entertaining programming.

SSC societies officer

Current position holder: Robert Dixon

Position description: The societies officer’s primary role is to convene and chair meetings of the Societies Committee. The societies officer also serves as a point of contact for societies and works closely with the director of student development and activities. As a sitting member of the SSC, the societies officer is also able to represent both the Societies Committee and societies in general during SSC decision making.

SSC volunteering officer

Current position holder: Julian Valladares Urruela

Position description: The role of the SSC volunteering officer is to oversee the St Andrews Voluntary Service (SVS), the subcommittee that recruits, trains, and supports student volunteers. We have around 250 volunteers involved in 44 different local projects. It’s a diverse role because of the wide range of opportunities we offer and anyone that volunteers will know that it’s a fantastic way to get to know more people in the local community.

SSC postgraduate officer (Postgraduate Society President)

Current position holder: Aline Heyerick

Position description: The postgraduate society president is responsible for organising events within the postgraduate community.

SSC member without portfolio

Current position holder: Annabel Romanos

Position description: The member without portfolio is tasked with helping other members of the SSC with their campaigns and projects, thus allowing you to be flexible and to learn about how the Union works. Alongside the Association chair, you are also responsible for arranging SRC and SSC socials.

Volunteering officer (SVS)

The role is to encourage and facilitate students to take up volunteering opportunities in and around St Andrews.

Employability officer (SVS)

The role is to promote employability across St Andrews and assist student groups and committees that wish to put on employability events.


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