Tea House at the VIC: “A welcomed addition” to St Andrews’ night scene

Photo: James Connolly
Photo: James Connolly
Photo: James Connolly

This past Wednesday, the Vic hosted an event that sought to differentiate itself from the usual lineup of themed nights: Tea House, headlined by DJs FLO and KOJO, promised an experience devoid of House, offering instead “strict Tea.” Tea covered everything from Hip Hop to Grime to Trapsoul, with the occasional Hotline Bling thrown in to please fans of more mainstream tunes.

In the wake of the fire alarm going off at the Union, the Vic quickly grew crowded with Sinners refugees seeking a brief respite from the cold. Once arriving, however, few people returned to Club 601. This influx of guests bolstered the initially small queue, and by midnight the club was busy enough for attendees to dance without feeling self-conscious.

In the main room, DJ FLO and DJ KOJO kept the dancefloor packed until closing time with a wide-ranging mix of rap and R&B. Across the hall in the social club, DJs LTNC and JEP, fresh off their successful Ma Bells debut, entertained the overflow with the help of DJ KO B, proving themselves adept at managing crowds both big and small as the number of patrons fluctuated throughout the night.

Although the Union surpassed the Vic in terms of attendance, the launch of Tea House proved itself to be impressively popular in the face of Sinners’ Wednesday-night monopoly, perhaps drawing crowds curious to see what could potentially be the first of many such events. Nights such as GIG’s Studio 54 or the rugby boys’ Beach Party have, by popular demand, become yearly occurrences, while the lacrosse girls and the hockey boys offer, respectively, Tequila Tuesday and the occasional Ma Bells takeover.

While casual nights out are something to enjoy, there is also something to be said for reliable, repeat events like the aforementioned. With enough people to fill the room and excellent music playing until the final minutes of the evening, Tea House would be a more than welcomed addition to the list of fresh takes on the same old venues.


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