On the Rocks: Mini Previews

The Smirths, 9pm, Sunday 3rd April, The Byre, £6

Blind Mirth’s sketch show is back for another year. Things might be painted blue. No guarantee.

What inspired you to put on this event?

Thalia and Euterpa, the muses of comedy and song.

What should the audience look out for in your event?

Well, they should definitely NOT look out for subliminal messages promoting antidisestablishmentarianism and exposing the government’s knowledge of the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

Have you or your team had to overcome any hurdles?

Blind Mirth, as well as engaging in comedy, also plays luge for the university in international competitions. Since luge requires complete physical ability, we often jump hurdles as part of our bi-weekly training routine at the Dundee Winter Sports Centre.


Photo credit: Al Gillespie
Photo credit: Al Gillespie


Dr. Faustus,7pm, Thursday 7th & Friday 8th April, St.Age Theatre, £6

When the well-respected scholar Doctor Faustus becomes disillusioned by the limits of traditional knowledge, he turns to the Dark Arts for the power that he craves. A macabre tale of temptation, magic, and damnation.

How are you finding it working with your team?

Working with the team has been an eye-opening experience, allowing us to find new levels of nuance and characterization from the text via a highly collaborative creative process.

What has been the best/most fun thing in the preparations for your event?

Outside of cast socials (the best reason to put on a play), getting the opportunity to work in the new union stage space and figuring out how to play up to its strengths has been invigorating.

Have you or your team had to overcome any hurdles?

Since we’re presenting Faustus in a rarely seen, promenade style, we’ve had to conceptualize the space in new ways, imagining where an audience might be, when given freedom to roam, and how to encourage them in the right directions in order to provide the best possible experience.


Photo credit: AL Gillespie
Photo credit: AL Gillespie


Hedwig and the Angry Inch, 7:30pm, Monday 4th, Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th, The Byre Theatre, £8

Three nights. Three different Hedwigs. Hedwig and the Angry Inch will be performing LIVE on The Byre Mainstage. Come see the internationally ignored song stylist herself as she tells her story about what it’s like to find yourself before the fall of the Berlin wall and how to love yourself after.

How are you finding it working with your team?

The fact that the cast of the show is only four people makes it a really special and totally unique experience from a production team’s point of view. The best part about it for me is how utterly committed they all are, both to improving their own performance and ensuring that everyone else is the best that they can be. Both cast and crew are putting in so much, and I am 100% sure that the end result will be worth it.

Why did you want your event to be part of On The Rocks?

The show is so interesting and so different to anything that Just So has put on before. On The Rocks is such a wonderful display of what St Andrews students are capable of, and I think that Hedwig really encapsulates that. It’s challenging, it’s unique, and it’s fabulous. Just like On The Rocks!

Have you or your team had to overcome any hurdles?

Oh yes. Within the first hour of our first rehearsal we had already broken a pair of shoes and had three grown men nearly in tears over the pain of wearing heels (I have some excellent video footage of Tommy Rowe face planting on the floor). But in all seriousness this is a hugely challenging production – we are asking four people to adopt different genders, different clothing, different accents and different body movements that they have literally never done before. It is hurdle after hurdle, but they are jumping over every single one.

Tommy Rowe as Hedwig Photo credit: Taryn O'Connor
Tommy Rowe as Hedwig
Photo credit: Taryn O’Connor



The Phrase, The Barron, 6pm, 9pm, (two performances), 7th April, £5


In writing, in music and in dance, the phrase represents the smallest complete idea. It is made up of smaller parts and is itself one small part of a much larger whole, yet it still exists on its own. ‘The Phrase’ is a dance show presenting several original pieces of choreography across a variety of styles, all stemming from this concept and coming together to create a complete whole.


What inspired you to put on this event?

This show is a follow-up to 2014’s ‘Impulse’ and ‘(un)Conscious’ and 2015’s ‘Surface Tension’. These shows provide us with the opportunity to choreograph for a different purpose and in a different way than we usually do. In the end, each of us gets to explore a theme to figure out what it means to us, and then translate that to movement.

How are you finding it working with your team?

The team is wonderful! Its fun, because we’re really a bunch of smaller teams, each producing their own piece or pieces of choreography, but the whole thing also comes together to make one big performance. Everyone is excited and dedicated to making the show work!

What are you most excited about presenting to your prospective audiences?

Dance! We’re one of only a couple dance shows in St Andrews each year and that provides a difference audience experience than most performances. Additionally, the size of the Barron means that it’s a very intimate performance in many ways – you’re right up close to the dancers, and don’t miss anything!


Last year's 'Do I Dare'
Last year’s ‘Do I Dare’



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