Mandarin Rouge Ball Previewed


The Mandarin Rouge Ball is the first ever black tie event held by Chinese Hongpao Society. The ball aims to bring you back to 1920s in Shanghai, where China was becoming more liberal and western and eastern culture started to merge.

New on the scene of St Andrews balls, this event promises to be outstanding, hosted in one of the prettiest hotels in town. The theme seeks to tie eastern culture to a semi-western setting and immerse St Andrews students in what is perhaps a previously inexperienced scene. The ticket price includes a three course meal and a half bottle of wine per person as well as an adventure into a different world.

Mandarin Rouge 2

The Committee tells us about their vision for the ball:

“The name Mandarin Rouge stems from the inspiration of famous Moulin Rouge and is tied into the theme of “The Bund”, a highly acclaimed Chinese TV drama set in depraved in 1920s in Shanghai revealing the soaring nightlife scene.


“The main focus of our ball would be cultural exchange. We encourage participants to wear Chinese traditional clothes if they have one and we will be putting up posters that show 1920s lifestyle. Participants could be acquainted with Chinese culture by gaining inspiration from these.


“Most venues in St Andrews are western architectures, we struggled to find a place that has elements of Chinese culture. After a long time think, the committee decided to hold the ball at Hotel du Vin, and we are going to spike up the event by embellishing the ballroom with Chinese decorative items.


“Mandarin Rouge is the first ever ball that includes Chinese elements in St Andrews. The ball would be the microcosm of China.”


In three words, this ball will be oriental, retrospective and the first-ever. This si not an event to be missed at any cost!




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