Hot Mess Previewed


From the production team that brought you Five Lesbians Eating a Quiche comes a new drama for this On the Rocks Festival. Starring Seb Allum, Suzanna Swanson-Johnson, Helena Jacques-Morton and Jared Liebmiller, Hot Mess tells the story of twins Polo and Twitch who were born with only one heart between them. Whereas Polo is not looking to be loved, Twitch can do nothing but. The play is a dark and lyrical tale about friendship, loss and loneliness.


Originally, Hot Mess was due to be staged in The Lizard Lounge, a first for university theatre. However, due to licensing, the play has been moved to Club 601. Despite this change of venue, it promises to be an enticing performance featuring some of St Andrews finest theatre talent.


Director Jo Bowman tells of her inspiration for the show:


“Since co-directing Two during last year’s OTR festival, I have been interested in how non-traditional spaces within the town can be used for theatre. The least traditional theatre space we could think of was a club space. After a myriad of issues pertaining to the venue, we are now doing it in 601!”


She also praises her production team and reinforces the idea that the more times a tema work together, the stronger they become:


“This is the fifth time the team have worked together to create theatre, and we have got to the stage where we have a really lovely, easy working relationship. We are constantly looking to challenge ourselves with our productions, and the use of alternative venues is undoubtedly helping us achieve that aim!”


Bowman tells of the challenges involved in staging a play in a club, a very untraditional space:


“601 is designed for one thing – too many people cramped into a small space to dance when they are drunk – and that one thing is not theatre. The idiosyncrasies of the venue have made staging the play challenging, and it is in those challenges that some of the most interesting parts of the production so far have come to fruition.”  


With high praise for the festival, Bowman describes the week of On the Rocks:


“On The Rocks is my favourite week of the year – the creativity that comes out during the week is absolutely inspiring and we knew we wanted our event to be a part of it. I feel there’s a real sense during OTR that the town itself can be used for artistic endeavours, and the location for the play absolutely contributes to this.”  


Describing the play as “in a club”, Bowman highlights her hopes for the play:


“[I look forward to] seeing if the play will work in the venue, and hearing what people think of the staging. We have had to make a series of choices with regards to the aesthetic and tone of the production, and we hope they will pay off!
Hot Mess will be performed on April 3rd at 7:30pm in Club 601, tickets are available from the Byre Box Office.



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