Guide to SRC positions


Accommodation officer

Current position holder:  Alexandre Ciric

Position description: It is as far reaching and as wide as you want to make it. The accommodation officer helps to produce a ‘How to Rent Guide’ and attends certain meetings, but it’s really up to you in terms of what you take on.

SRC member without portfolio

Position description: The role is to liaise with all SSC Officers and Convenors to offer assistance with any projects or tasks if required.

SRC member for students with disabilities

Current position holder: Kate Mayer

Position description: They act as a bridge between students, the Students’ Association, the University, and people from the outside – people you seek advice from, people who help you to make things happen, and also employers who offer opportunities for students with disabilities.

SRC member for racial equality

Current position holder: Jackie Ashkin

Position description: The member for racial equality represents ethnic minorities and is responsible for making sure the University is inclusive.

SRC member for first years

Current position holder: Holly Johnston

Position description: The SRC member for first years is a role that is about helping students make the step-up to University life. This means being prepared to help anyone with any question they might have, no matter how obvious it might seem to someone who’s been here for a while.

SRC member for gender equality

Current position holder: Alice Lecointe

Position description:  The member for gender equality focuses on campaigns and advice to encourage equality. They also sit on the equal opportunities subcommittee within the Union.

SRC member for widening access & participation

Current position holder: Maxwell Speirs

Position description: Working alongside the University on new initiatives to increase uptake of students from a wide range of backgrounds. Issues like affordable accommodation and outreach schools in the local area will be on the agenda.

SRC member for age equality

Position description: The role is to serve as a general advocate for mature students, ensuring they have the same opportunities as regular entry students and are able to access the support they require

Arts / divinity faculty president

Current position holder: Eleanor Mullin

Position description: The role of the arts and divinity faculty president entails representing the views and concerns of over half the student body through regular liaison with school presidents and the director of representation.

Science / medicine faculty president

Current position holder: Louise McCaul

Position description: The Science/medicine faculty president preforms a similar role to the arts/divinity faculty president.

Postgraduate development officer

Position description: The role is to support and enhance the non-academic aspects of postgraduate students’ lives at the University of St Andrews.

Postgraduate academic convenor 

Position description: The role is to represent postgraduate students’ interests in academic issues to the University and within the Students’ Association.

Wellbeing officer 

Position description: The role aims to raise awareness of issues surrounding mental health, sexual health, physical health, and personal safety (particularly during Raisin and May Dip), and ensure students are adequately supported in these areas.


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