Elections 2016 update: Sabbatical teams reprimanded for pre-campaigning


Two sabbatical campaign teams have already been censured for rule violations.

Both Annie Newman’s Association President campaign team and Sina Dashtebozorgy’s DoES campaign team were reprimanded by the Elections Team for pre-campaigning.

The specific violation came from the fact that both campaigns asked people to change profile pictures to the promotional campaign pictures before the actual campaigning period began at 12AM on Saturday.

“The Elections Committee confirm that they have issued two teams violations for pre-campaigning,” the Committee stated.

Ms Newman, speaking to The Saint, said, “It seems I got a little excited about campaign week before it kicked off – there was a bit of a misunderstanding with the Elections Committee, and I told a friend in a Facebook message that I was running for President prior to Saturday at noon. So I ended up with a rule violation.”

Ms Newman then joked “But everyone likes an edgy candidate right?”

Mr Dashtebozorgy said, “I very specifically told my team to publish the photos on Saturday 1PM,” showing The Saint a photo of a Facebook message to a member of his campaign team to illustrate this.

Nominations for elections were made anonymous this year, partly as an effort to curb pre-campaigning.


    • It is very easy to say stuff like that anonymously, but really your personal testimony means absolutely nothing. I bet there are just as many people – most likely many more – who would say the complete opposite about her.


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