Elections 2016 update: Hazel Adams drops out of DoRep race


Hazel Adams has officially dropped out of the race to be Director of Representation, the Elections Committee has confirmed.

The second year biology student was the centre of controversy earlier this week when the Director of Nightline, Nick Farrer angrily confronted her over her proposed plans to reform Nightline.

However, Ms Adams and Mr Farrer met yesterday to discuss the issue and released a joint statement apologising to each other for the misunderstanding between them.

Ms Adams has also faced criticism due to her lack of experience in elected student roles.

Jack Carr is now the only candidate for Director of Representation.

In a statement to The Saint, Ms Adams said, “While I am very passionate about the role of DoRep and making sure student voices are heard, I feel that I am no longer in a position to continue campaigning this year. Campaign week has already had an effect on my coursework and general health, and despite it being a severely stressful week for all candidates, the lack of support provided by a campaign team has made this additionally difficult for me to deal with.

“Unfortunately I have not been able to go about campaigning this week the way I had planned to and I do not want to continue as a candidate when I am not in a position to devote the time I would like to it.

“I would like to reassure students; especially those who wanted me as their DoRep, that this has no relation to the events during the sabbatical question time as these have already been dealt with and ended on a positive note. I hope to stay as involved as possible throughout the next year so that I can continue to voice student concerns and provide the students association with a fresh perspective.

“I would like to take this opportunity to emphasise how supportive Jack and many of the other candidates have been, and I would urge students to vote for him as I honestly think he will make a great DoRep. If I do decide to run again next year it will be with the support of a campaign team and more knowledge of the students association which will hopefully make me an even better representative for students.”

Mr Carr also commented, praising Ms Adams contribution to the campaign, “Hazel has a talent for spotting issues that the student body is facing. If elected I will use my experience to tackle these.

“I am glad to have met someone as passionate about representation as Hazel is and I really hope that she will be involved within the DoRep subcommittees next year.”


  1. The inevitable conclusion of launching a campaign based on a manifesto she conceived in three hours. It was clear from her first interview that she didn’t know what she was doing, and the bizzare argument that her lack of experience or research was an asset didn’t help her.

  2. For various reasons Hazel has had a tough week and I hope this will not put her off or affect her passion. There are many ways to get involved with Union representation at levels suitable to someone with no prior experience, for example DoRep-managed subcommittees. Every role has scope for really hard work and, by doing these smaller roles, you learn the skills necessary for the bigger ones. Part-time roles aren’t just titles to help you climb the ladder, they’re many hours of volunteered time per week. I hope this is something she will seek to find out for herself.


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