Elections 2016 update: Director of Nightline confronts Hazel Adams


During last night’s Aabbatical Question Time, the Director of Nightline, Nick Farrer, confronted Hazel Adams, one of the candidates for Director of Representation, over her manifesto’s plans to reform Nightline.

In what was one of the most tense moments of the night, Mr Farrer heckled throughout her answer and accused Ms Adams of having lied at the DRA hustings over contacting Nightline about her plans beforehand and of ignoring his messages before the Question Time regarding her plans.

Mr Farrer also said that Ms Adams had, “thrown a student volunteer group under the bus in the pursuit of her own political career.”

Ms Adams went on to say that she had already decided to abandon her Nightline plans before the Question Time because of concerns expressed by people such as Mr Farrer.

Jack Carr, the other candidate for Director of Representation, later told The Saint that he felt the question had been poorly asked and handled and that Ms Adams had responded well.

Mr Farrer later said, “I have reached out to Ms Adams about the possibility of meeting in a neutral setting with an independent moderator as a means of mutual clarification.”

Mr Farrer also said that a fuller statement is currently being prepared.



  1. I found it very disappointing to see the director of a service meaning to support and help students feel better about themselves lash out so harshly at an individual. There was clearly a misunderstanding, and I think Hazel handled herself very well against an inappropriate and rude ‘question’ intending to shame her. I’ve always thought very highly of Nightline, but the director has brought that into question for me.

    I don’t believe that passion for your service justifies heckling or attempts at public humiliation, but clearly the director does not feel the same way.

  2. I know Nick, and am certain he wouldn’t have accused Hazel of anything he didn’t fully believe was true. He did handle it badly and let his strength of feeling overshadow his message, but i doubt he meant to publicly humiliate her and I’m hopeful that he’s taking steps to make amends with Hazel.

  3. if being held to account to your manifesto is an attempt at public humiliation the girl needs thicker skin. sad.


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