Elections 2016 results: Charlotte Andrew elected Association President


Charlotte Andrew was elected Association President last night with 1,675 votes, defeating Annie Newman, the Rector’s Assessor, who received 980 votes, a margin 60 per cent to 35 per cent.

Speaking to The Saint shortly after the announcement, Ms Andrew said she felt, “absolutely amazing,” adding that it had been a “hard race.”

Going on, she said, “I was saying to my campaign team as long as, at the end of the week, we can be happy with what we’ve done and it’s been about policies, and not personal, then I’ll be really happy and proud of us.”

Ms Andrew went on to thank her campaign team and also her opponent, Ms Newman, saying in a Facebook post earlier this morning, “She’s been wonderful, supportive and just so nice the whole semester when I’ve panicked over what to do in campaign week.”

Jack Carr, who supported Ms Andrew, was elected unopposed along with Caroline Christie and Ben Peddie (as Director of Representation, Director of Student Development and Activities and Athletic Union President respectively).

Taryn O’Connor was elected Director of Events and Services in a landslide, defeating Sina Dashtebozorgy by nearly 2000 votes.

Ms Andrew expressed her support for her fellow newly elected sabbatical officers, saying, “This is such a strong Sabb team, this will be great for the Union.”


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