The Tea House at the VIC: St Andrews’ new staple event?

Image: VIC St Andrews
Image: VIC St Andrews
Image: VIC St Andrews

In a month packed with fashion shows, an accessible alternative can be found in nights out at one of our four (potentially five, with the Rule’s recent renovation) student-dominated pubs. The Vic, arguably the most popular destination outside of the budget-friendly Union, is no stranger to unique events: From the classic BYOV to Asquire’s Tropical Tuesdays, themed events present an excuse to dress up beyond the usual little black dress or button down and chinos.

This Wednesday, the Vic will be launching the Tea House. DJ FLO’s first all hip hop event, the night bills itself as a revelation, featuring hip hop, grime, and a supporting appearance by Dundee’s DJ Kojo. At only £3 entry on the door, Tea House intends to be the first of many memorable nights out, similar to last week’s impressively well-attended Heat at the newly refurbished Rule.

As the last big night out before Saturday’s DONT WALK Charity Fashion Show and held contemporaneously with Sinners, we can expect the usual queue down the street from early on in the night. More than a standard night following the tired predrinks-Union-Vic-Lizard-Dervish path, the Tea House will likely become a new staple of the St Andrews events circuit.

For updates, the Facebook event can be joined here.


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