Rule Student Nights: the VIC’s future rival?

Photo: Laszlo Szegedi
Photo: Laszlo Szegedi
Photo: Laszlo Szegedi

The Rule has recently been renovated in an attempt to become another destination for students on a night out. The dancefloor is now the key aspect of the pub-club, and though the overall lay-out of the area has not changed drastically, it seems to have more of a VIC-like feel, due to the addition of quality lighting and a transformation of the area by the bar, opening more space for people to show off their wonky dance-moves…

Despite this, The Rule, to me, still comes across as a better destination for a Sunday morning than for a Saturday night. Their Launch Party was successful but the ‘Beer Garden’ closes at 9pm, meaning that the only place for one to smoke or get some fresh air is outside the main entrance. Furthermore, the prices of the cocktails have almost doubled, though you can still get a pitcher for just under £10. Additionally, some of their draught beers are still very reasonably priced, such as the Eden Mill Blonde at £3.30.
This transformation has also seen changes to the all-important foodmenu, and I can confirm that the food is still of a great quality. I personally recommend the Gammon Steak.
Unfortunately, they have not invested well in speakers, which seems rather unbalanced, though there’s nothing that DJ Flo or Alistair Todd can’t fix…
The Rule may become the latest destination for a Saturday night, though Club 601 still wins for dancing space and best-priced drinks, and the VIC will likely remain the social hub of St Andrews, despite The Rule’s ambitious efforts. Should The Rule do a good job of promoting their club nights, select their DJs wisely, and continue to offer decent student drink promotions, I can envisage this becoming a huge new part of St Andrew’s night-scene.

On another note, the upstairs section of The Rule, refurbished as well, will most definitely be a brilliant location for birthday events. Many of the drinks are still very well-priced,and the service is, on the whole, quick and efficient. It is understandable that some might argue that this renovation has just turned The Rule into a wannabe-VIC, though the more modern and bright lay-out gives it a completely different vibe, and without an entry fee, it will likely be a great new competitor to the overpriced and repetitive nights at the Victoria Café.
Nonetheless, The Rule’s 2for1 food promotion does not really compare to that of the VIC. It is slightly more expensive and less filling. Saying that, the VIC’s 2for1 deal on burgers is a tough one to beat, given the great tasting, generously-sized portions that they offer.

In conclusion, it seems that though the VIC may remain to be seen as the coolest location to get wonky and embarrass yourself, the Union may remain to be the best place for cheap drinks, meeting new people and enjoying a proper club-night, and Ma Bells may re main the best place to get lucky (and sweaty), The Rule is a new, edgy destination for the students of St Andrews. Its management has done a great job with the redevelopment and it would be a shame not to go try it out!


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