Welly Ball: “time to break out the wellies!”

Photo: Alex Longson
Photo: Alex Longson

It’s that time of year again ladies and gents, it’s time to break out those wellies! And I don’t mean just due of the never ending rain we’ve had lately, because what else would you expect in Week 10. However, for those looking forward to break the blues or celebrate the end of most of our deadlines, Welly Ball is one of the most unique events featured on the St. Andrews social calendar.

With over 1550 tickets sold- 750 for the dinner and another 800 for the afterparty, and sponsors ranging from Eden Mill, Emily Fruit Crisps, Joules, Tunnocks, Propercorn, Forgans, The Vic, Thistly Cross Cider, Whyte and Mackay, and Costwolds Distillery to this year’s musical performances which will feature acts such as Model Aeroplanes, a cover band called the Black Sheep Music Society, and DJs Joe Jones and Ali Ellis there isn’t anything Welly Bally hasn’t thought of. The Welly Ball committee are bringing in the highly-recommended Ali all the way in from Edinburgh, promising guests for what could only be what sounds like an amazing evening.

I sat down with Francesca White, from the Welly Ball marketing committee, to discuss a little bit more about the charity Welly Ball will be supporting this year, as well as to get a preview into what exactly guests can come to expect this year.

Welly Ball has chosen to support the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust for their second consecutive year. This fantastic charity raises awareness for the prevalence of depression and other mental health problems in young adults, and more specifically it strives to reduce the associated stigma that come with them. When asking Francesca why they chose the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust again she responded: “We feel strongly about this charity as it is something that is very relevant to our community in St Andrews, and was incredibly well supported last year. We are also in close contact with the charity itself and its small size means our money makes a big difference.”

The dress code is pretty self-evident, it’s time to don your best black-tie as what better attire to show-off those wellies. However, what makes this year different compared to previous years? This year’s committee is determined to make this their best ball yet, and are particularly keen to raise more money than they have in previous years for their fantastic charity. This year’s dinner party guests can also expect a great new caterer, which the committee is very excited about, called Oink. Not only that, but their great sponsors will be giving away some fab freebies on the night, on top of the exciting new acts we’ve already mentioned! When asking Francesca if there were any more hints she could give me, she did add, “There will also be goody bags for dinner guests and within some will be Golden Tickets – have a golden ticket and there are some great prizes to be had!”

All together the excitement around Welly Ball this year is huge, and for good reason too. With all the changes, while at the same time keeping hold of the aspects of Welly Ball that distinguish it from other balls, there is no doubt it will be a night to remember- hopefully that rain will let up a little too!

Photo: Alex Longson
Photo: Alex Longson

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