Concrete Catwalk’s anniversary: “glitz and glamour”



Not knowing what was in store for the night, ‘charming’ was my preconception of what an event at the Adamson Bar would be, and ‘charming’ is the best way I can describe my arrival upon the fairy-light strewn alley up to the bar. If one imagines every potentially good stereotype of St Andrews mulled into one night, then Concrete Catwalk’s first birthday succeeded in bringing that to life.

Greeted by a doorman, a camera and hostesses echoing ‘I love your outfits’, I felt transported into an eclectic vision of glitz and glamour, before even having had the door opened for me. The idea of impressing was not only reserved to the dress code, with an array of beautifully crafted Adamson cocktails and wine laid out for guests at the entrance, pleasing every student’s deadline-drained eyes. The room was filled with Concrete Catwalk’s pictures and the Adamson’s Christmas decorations,creating a cosy, cheerful, yet chilled street-style vibe that carried on through the first part of the night.

The Adamson offered a perfect layout: with guests casually filling out the tables and empty spaces – forming clusters of monochrome and the occasional standout red – conversation bubbled in every corner of the bar, everyone looking chic and satisfied. I overheard an entertaining ‘best-dressed, worst-dressed’ conversation with the worst-dressed category being unsurprisingly difficult to determine on a night where everyone looked ‘on point’.

Though some foot trampling was unpleasantly experienced near the bar, it was not unexpected, and the bartenders did an effective job of swiftly serving guests without letting anyone wait too long. Being in the Adamson, though, a ten minute wait for a perfect £5 cocktail cannot be put on the same spectrum of comparison as a wait for an overpriced cheap-vodka-coke at any other event. The trampling, therefore, was quickly overlooked. As many will know from the St Andrean student experience, glitz and glamour often don’t go longer than a couple of hours without the addition of an eyesore Pablo or wine and cheese stains. However, the Concrete Catwalk committee planned a certain surprise that definitely brought a twist to the classy monochrome night without the unwanted stains and regrets. Shuffling made way to a closed bar, wiped clean with the addition of a stepladder, transforming the Adamson’s bar into a marble catwalk for the first guerilla fashion show of the academic year. Barefoot female models confidently strutted down the catwalk, followed by shirtless male models, brooding into the room as we all craned our necks and enjoyed the display. Dancing on the bar then ensued, marking the second wave of the night, where composure and elegance were no longer the central focus.

After attending a somewhat mundane Vic launch for Don’t Walk earlier this year, the originality of Concrete Catwalk’s ‘birthday’ and model launch was definitely standout. Only a year into its emergence, Concrete Catwalk managed to create a stylish event, perfectly representing its purpose in the St Andrews community and, though new, established itself as a worthwhile event.



  1. Not sure what ‘Don’t Walk launch’ event at the Vic the reviewer is referencing, their launch event was at Forgan’s and was a success if you ask me.


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