A new place for burgers in town

Photo: Maryam Golafshani

A new burger restaurant, aptly named Burger, opened last week at 129 South Street.

Burger, which claims to fulfil the need for “a radically simple, delicious, affordable burger,” is a small business with two additional locations in Edinburgh.

The restaurant’s menu features classic burger varieties like Scottish beef cheeseburgers, bacon cheeseburgers and hamburgers, as well as less familiar options like a chicken katsu burger. Burger also offers veggie burgers and plain kids burgers. In addition to these selections, Burger sells hot dogs and a variety of fries, including beef chilli cheese and curry poutine. Dessert options include ice cream, shakes and a sorbet of the day.

Burger also has a rotating specials menu which currently features options like the Chihuahua, a grilled pork or veggie dog with chipotle relish, grilled onions, spiced black beans, sour cream, coriander and crunchy tortilla strips, and a French martini, including homemade raspberry sorbet blended with vodka, Chambord and pineapple juice.

St Andrews’ newest burger option differentiates itself from other restaurants in several ways. Its website says: “We want to be accessible – so you will find us in the most buzzing areas of the city. We want to be affordable – but to always offer the freshest ingredients, prepared and cooked exceptionally well. But above all we want to be highly personal. And that means cooking everything just for you, just when you order it.”

Burger also focuses on using local ingredients and promoting sustainability by making its packaging fully compostable.

Kyhl Stephen, a student who dined at Burger, said: “The ingredients tasted quite fresh, and some of the menu options were really interesting. It was a little expensive, but I enjoyed my meal.”

Burger’s main competition in St Andrews is BlackHorn, a popular burger restaurant on Church Street that offers students a burger, chips, and drink combination for £6 on Sundays.

BlackHorn’s goal is “to produce honest food to be enjoyed by many. We strive to produce an awesome burger, and only use the finest, freshest produce we can find. Our burger mix is made to our specification using 100 per cent beef from local farmers delivered daily for you.”

Menu options at BlackHorn are divided mainly between burgers and wraps. Prices range from £3.20 for a single beef burger to £6.60 for a double grill burger. A single BlackHorn burger is £4.20.

Comparatively, prices at Burger range from £2.95 for a mini classic kids burger to £8.20 for a double bacon cheeseburger. A single classic burger is £3.95, while the restaurant’s special Burger burger is £6.95.

Casey Terrel, a student who has eaten at BlackHorn but not Burger, said he enjoyed the BlackHorn burger he ordered because it was tender and had tasty sauce.

He thought BlackHorn was an “economical” dining option and rated its price value at a 7 out of 10 compared to other St Andrews restaurants. He did say, however, that he would be open to trying Burger. Mr Terrel concluded: “I’m looking for a bigger burger at a cheaper price.”


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