602 Ball: “This won’t be a birthday party to miss”


The relationship between the town and the gown is one that can be traced back to the founding of the university. It continues to be a central component of our daily lives, with its essence seen in traditions such as the Kate Kennedy Procession and Raisin Weekend (the former being slightly more popular amongst the locals than the latter). The Fellowship of St Andrews aims to encourage and maintain town-gown relations, and to this end it plans to support local businesses with the upcoming 602 Ball, itself a celebration of the university.

Andreas Shahverdyan, Second Fellow and Vice President, explains the partnership between the Fellowship and local brewery Eden Mill, which he describes as “a distiller with a passion for local history and tradition.” Eden Mill, a familiar face to any fans of gin, utilises locally and ethically sourced ingredients to deliver a genuine gin experience. Other partners of Eden Mill include Catwalk and Don’t Walk Charity Fashion Show, demonstrating the company’s support of student enterprises. Andreas expresses the Fellowship’s excitement “to begin a long-term partnership with Eden Mill that will bring benefits to students and local residents alike.” Ball-goers can thank Eden Mill for the thousand free gin and tonics to be made available on the night.

Another partner of 602 that will likely excite ticket-holders is Cottage Kitchen. Bustling at all hours of the day, the local café has taken on the largest responsibility of any birthday party: providing the cake. All St Andreans have witnessed the fantastic array of cakes that Cottage Kitchen offers every day. At 602, these cakes will be made available for free (in reasonable quantities) to guests.

The Fellowship has also offered its support to local talent. The lineup contains faces familiar to the Vic, Ma Bells, and various other student events: Joe Grimeh and Blues Society, both of whom recently offered their services to Masquerade Ball, will be playing sets. DJ Kalliope will also be making a return to Lower College Lawn, on the heels of her performance at last year’s St Andrews Ball. Additionally, guests can expect a set from Dan Garner and Stu Hindmarch, the pair behind the music of Don’t Walk 2016.

With less than a week to go, it’s time to get excited. 602 appears to be living up to its advertising: This won’t be a birthday party to miss.


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