The style of Opening Ball

Photo Credit: Lorelei Pfeffer
Photo Credit: Lorelei Pfeffer
Photo Credit: Lorelei Pfeffer

Whether cocktail or full length, conservative or more creative, the Opening Ball standard was undoubtedly a wardrobe staple: the black dress. Elegant beadwork, vibrant sequins and lush lace spiced up the monotone. Among a sea of black dresses, the occasional backless gown or cropped frock appeased the eye. Appearances in shades of red, green and champagne were similarly common. From silk to satin and velvet to viscose, the parallel of materials created a stylish symphony. Intricately designed bodices mixed textures, while adding character.

Though the night was certainly graced by a touch of sparkle, accessories as a whole were rather limited to modest necklaces and simplistic clutches. Tempting ice-cream cones and cotton candy were cherished as abstract accessories of the evening, while champagne and cocktails graced most every hand. Statement earrings complemented various combinations; nevertheless, sentimental necklaces and woven bracelets remained more noticeable and simultaneously pedestrian. Bright red lipstick and loose locks, complimented most every outfit. However, some stunning upswept hairdos certainly dazzled on the night.

Despite the perils of uneven cobblestones and the questionable sod of the lower lawn, many selected the most ambitious of evening shoes. Initiated individuals danced the night away in suede pumps, practical platforms and lace-up stilettos. Chunky heels in edgy designs seemed predominant, though the danceable quality of an individual’s heels was undeniably the most significant factor. Flat shoes were left behind on the shelf, positively a rare artifact. Although dropped at the entrance, fur coats abounded. Post-ball, parading down the streets was a stream of tastefully tailored coats engulfing moderately disheveled attendees.

The most notable ensemble of the evening proved to be a backless, little black dress. Simple, yet adorned with a floral lace appliqué. When asked about her dress of choice for the evening, student Dana Malefakis remarked that her beau had assisted, hence the slightly sensual selection. The partygoer paired the dress with heeled sandals. Minimalist makeup and flirty natural curls completed her look. To accent this urban standard, and more practically to stay warm, she selected a vintage leather jacket.

For the gentlemen of the evening, tartan trousers and unconventional, printed dinner jackets set a new standard. Boasted in an array of hues, the bow tie upheld the most important condition: crisp and symmetrical. As if fresh off West Sands, carless curls and surfer-esque waves softened the sharp lines of tuxedos. More adventurous souls embellished themselves with silk scarves, whimsical suspenders, or flamboyant pocket squares. Traditional highland dress and crested cummerbunds marked the evening.

The best fashion statement made throughout the night was indisputably a genuine smile, a stolen glance, and a shared laugh. As we are now left with the dry cleaning stub and a torn “Opening Ball” wristlet, we look forward to the next extravaganza.


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