The Saint’s top five films to watch on Netflix this week


Everyone knows that the only real place to get movies on demand is everyone’s guilty addiction, Netflix. We all know that Netflix is unbeaten as the best place for binge watching entire TV series, but there are also hundreds of great films to watch if you need to procrastinate without
actually leaving your bed. Here are the best ones for watching at 4 am while eating your third pizza of the day.

5. Munich
Munich tells the true story of the Munich massacre at the 1972 Olympics – where 11 Israeli Olympians were taken hostage and eventually killed by Palestinian terrorists – and the retaliation by the Israeli government. The film stars Eric Bana and Daniel Craig as renegade specialists employed to kill the 11 Palestinians allegedly involved with the murders. The film is breathtakingly tense and relentlessly heart-breaking, mesmerising the viewer from start to finish. It comes highly recommended for those looking for a film of incredible intensity and who also have three hours to spare.

4. Zoolander
A blast from the past, Ben Stiller’s classic comedy is a great film to put on if you’re feeling lazy and nostalgic. Who can forget the brilliant words of Derek Zoolander as he comes to the conclusion that “maybe there’s more to life than being ridiculously good looking.” Also, it would be a good idea to revisit the brilliance of Zoolander before the second instalment of the franchise, Zoolander 2, comes out early next year.

3. The Skeleton Twins

A film that will make you laugh and cry at the same time, The Skeleton Twins documents the damaged relationship between two estranged twins who reunite after both having near death experiences on the same day. Kirsten Wiig and Bill Hader are excellent in the lead roles, dispelling the normal clichés of Hollywood family dramas. The film is at once kookily humorous and poignant. Great to watch if you’re in the mood for something deep.

2. Ferris Beuller’s Day Off
An all-time cult classic about the high school kid that everyone wants to be. If for some reason you haven’t seen it, the film depicts the life of smooth talking Ferris, played by Matthew Broderick, as he drives his teachers mad in a complex ploy pretending to be ill so he and his gang can have a day off. The film contains some of the most famous moments in cinema, most notably Ferris singing ‘Twist and Shout’ on top of a float. Watch it. Rewatch it. And since it’s on Netflix, there is no excuse not to
know every word by heart.

1. The Wolf of Wall Street
Wolf of Wall Street tops the list of must-see Netflix films due to the fact that it has only recently been made available on Netflix. Martin Scorsese’s dark comedy about the ostentatious life of millionaire tycoon Jordan Belfort, played to perfection by Leonardo DiCaprio, is entertaining and captivating at the same time. Its substantial three hour running time means you’ll have to take an evening out to get the full effect of the films comic hedonism, but we promise you it’s worth it.


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