The return of CATWALK: ” the next chapter”

Date: 6 February 2016
Ticket prices:20 (standard ticket)
Why you should go: The event promises to showcase models who embody the unique and fun nature of St Andrews’ student body, and it’s for charity
There was a notable absence to RAG Week 2015- CATWALK. Where did it go? Well have no fear, St Andreans, because one of the
most popular additions to charities week is back, and with a vengeance. You may have noticed it quietly creeping back into St Andrews life: CATWALK held auditions on 2 October and has already made full use of many different avenues of publicity. A quick search on Facebook reveals its page and showcasing we experienced in 2014 with regular posts and an 812 person strong following at my last count. I was curious, however, to find out more about what to expect in 2016 for CATWALK’S next chapter. I spoke to Jack Muir, CATWALK’S creative director whokindly gave me the inside scoop on what February will bring for the revived fashion show.

First and foremost, CATWALK is a charity event and Jack was keen to tell me about the myriad of organisations that the fashion show is planning on raising money for this year. As a central fixture of RAG WEEK CATWALK has chosen to support UNICEF, Maggie’s Cancer Centre and Nightline. “Each year RAG week nominates a local, national and international charity and those were our choices,” Jack explained to me. “Our aim is to promote the charities campaign through running an event that showcases diversity and allows everyone to have a good time,” Jack tells me. Indeed, it is perhaps the relaxed, fun-filled nature of CATWALK’s previous shows that has made it such a success in the past, as well as a clear fixture on the St Andrews social calendar, I was most keen, however, to find out if this year will be bringing something new to the project and Jack was keen to emphasise that indeed there will be some fresh, new and exciting things happening: “Our theme this year is street style. A lot of St Andrews students are very well-dressed and we want to highlight this.” This does sound like a very clever and shrewd move, directly targeting the audience itself.
Moreover, Jack stressed how the renovation of the union will be a very important factor to CATWALK’S new style and to the

success of its event: “In 2014 we had such positive reviews from everyone who attended and we want 2016 to have the same level of success and positive response. The revamp of the union will add to this.” He went on to say that the new committee and the show’s models have brought many new ideas to the table which will ultimately ensure a memorable night for everyone attending and participating. One of the central aims for CATWALK this year is to promote diversity and speaking to Jack, he affirmed that this would be achieved by the selection of the models themselves,who, at this time, are yet to be revealed. When I ask Jack to sum up the goals of the event in a few words, his response was: “Fresh committee, fresh models, fresh ideas.”

Last month’s model casting was a particular highlight of the St Andrews social calendar. For the 2016 show, the committee was particularly interested in getting models that exhibit uniqueness, both in terms of their style and character. According to the committee, over 80 candidates had applied to be part of the 2016 group of models. Taking into account CATWALK’s temporary break, this was an unexpectedly high turnout. While the jury is still out on whether or not CATWALK will ultimately rival other fashion shows, such as FS and DONT WALK, it will certainly be able to hold its own. In fact, the event has even been described by other student publications as an amalgamation of the aforementioned events: it embodies the professionalism of FS,while exhibiting the wilder, more eccentric style of DONT WALK. In addition to being the “best of both worlds,” CATWALK is also a much cheaper alternative to FS and DONT WALK. Indeed, CATWALK will cater to those who do not want to spend half their fortune all in one night. While the event may not be as well known as FS, or DONT WALK for that matter, it’s definitely well worth attending.
Ultimately, CATWALK 2016 is all about bringing in the new and so far – from Jack’s enthusiasm and its active presence on social media it is clear that this is an event not to be missed

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