St Andrews teenager tells hate preacher to pipe down

Photo Credit: Lachie Blair

A 14 year old from St Andrews has been catapulted to international internet stardom after his battle with a preacher on Market Street was caught on video.

The video, posted on the popular Facebook group ‘Overheard in St Andrews’ by fourth year international relations student Lachie Blair, shows a ranting preacher armed with a small amplifier, apparently shouting anti-LGBT and anti-Muslim statements on Market Street, while quoting from and gesticulating with a Bible.

His words are drowned out by the opening bars of Scotland the Brave played on a pair of bagpipes and cheers from passers by.

The piper, later identified as 14 year old Daniel Boyle, then walks into view pacing in a slow circle around the preacher, shortly before the arrival of a police van.  Mr Blair posted on the ‘Overheard’ Facebook page with the caption “local boy takes down hate preacher in the most Scottish way possible.”

Mr Blair’s video has garnered over a million views online and even managing to trend on Facebook for a short time.

The video’s popularity saw it being reposted and reported on by national newspapers including the Daily Mail, Buzzfeed and even German newspaper Die Welt.

Mr Boyle and Mr Blair both declined to comment, however the reaction to the video has been overwhelmingly positive from students and residents alike. It received over 3,000 ‘likes,’ with one Fresher describing it as “one more reason to love the Bubble.


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