In My Room: a student art exhibition in a Regs bedroom

Credit: Dillon Yeh

I met up with Tasnim Saddiq Amin to discuss her art exhibition In My Room,
a one day art exhibit based in her St Regulus Hall bedroom. Tasnim is a
second year student studying philosophy and a committee member of
the art society. A bold character and a real intellectual, Tasnim’s exhibit on
Sunday 27 September was a sight to behold and a truly unique idea.

The Saint: The Art Society usually has an art exhibition each semester. What was the inspiration behind hosting your own art exhibition?

Tasnim Amin: Well this one in my bedroom is more saying, “Hi I’m
Tasnim.” I wanted to start on a personal level and I’m a big believer in the
every day interaction, face to face, and building upon that sort of thing. What
more of a way to say welcome than to bring people into my home and host the exhibit in my bedroom. But there was also this theme of ‘Bringing Paris
to St Andrews’ and not in the modern sense, but the old mystified salons.
Very much of that early 20th century vibe. Bringing painters, drawers, philosophers, poets and even mathematicians together in this sort of intellectual gathering, where they can share ideas and such.

TS: What type of art will you display at this exhibition?

TA: There’s all sorts of art. There are sketches and watercolors, charcoal life drawings and portraits. We have one artist who designs these brilliant decorative shoes. And there’s also jewelry too. So there will be a ride range of art.

Credit: Dillon Yeh
Credit: Dillon Yeh

TS: What were some of the difficulties of administering your own show? I understand that the event was postponed by a week.

TA: We did needed to file some paperwork for safety reasons that we missed. Just making sure there aren’t too many people is the main thing. Now we are regulating the amount of people that can enter, so there might be a wait to get in now, but that hopefully won’t be a big problem.

TS: Did you have any help in creating this exhibit?

TA: Yes, I have five great gallery assistants and two photographers. And my friends in my hall, who have been so supportive of this, opening up their bedrooms in case there is a spill over of guests.

TS: As an artist, what is it like being a student at the University without an official art department?

TA: I definitely think there are people who are deprived and think that these sort of events are so good. Like talking to an artist while collecting her work for the show, she was saying how much we need this. But I don’t think it’s an issue – we don’t need an institution to give us art. This actually encourages initiative on the students’ part. To enable us to take action.

TS: So if this is your introductory show, do you have future intentions to continue curating these sorts of exhibitions?

TS: Yes I will be putting on another show. I was thinking that an art exhibition needs an idea and what’s close to my heart? What do I value? So there will be a show soon in either November or December called Color
Me Black centered around being an ethnic minority, though all are welcome
to display art. And some time in the next semester there will be a show
on mental health awareness, again something very dear to me.


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