DONT WALK’s launch party: “a subtle teaser”


Following the presentation of their models in September, the DONT WALK committee wasted no time in making sure that we don’t forget about their upcoming fashion show. On 8 October, DONT WALK threw an invite-only launch party at Forgan’s. Their press team described this prelude as “ever-so slightly suggestive of what’s to come.” Indeed, their party was just that: a subtle teaser. Hosting an exclusive dinner and champagne reception for committee members and models, the launch was more a celebration for those directly involved with the fashion show than an introduction for those unfamiliar with the event. Though the exclusive nature of the party’s invite-only policy created an intimate atmosphere different from that of many St Andrews events, it has been a major source of critique amongst the student population. Indeed, many have accused DONT WALK of embracing “elitist tendencies.” This party was no exception, as there was a general mood amongst the press of being both “within and without.”

This is not to say that it was an unsuccessful event. On the contrary, the party was undoubtedly impressive; it was both elegantly planned in addition to being well executed. With the incorporation of Eden Mill and the restaurant’s own bar, the spirits of partygoers were high throughout the night. Furthermore, because the event itself was kept small there was ample opportunity for socializing with those involved with the fashion show: a rare occurrence at most St Andrews events. This, coupled with entertainment provided by DJ Ashton, made the night a hit amongst attendees.

What was missing from the launch, however, were details about the 2016 fashion show. Though the purpose of the party was not to introduce the show’s new theme and direction, many questions were left unanswered. With a confusing array of teasing statements made by the committee, such as “don’t walk away from freedom,” and “don’t guard your inhibitions,” people left without knowing what to expect from the show next semester. Paradoxically, it is this very atmosphere of mystery that makes DONT WALK anything but predictable. Nevertheless, The Saint will wait in anticipation of further teasers from the committee.


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