Student petition forces ‘P.U.L.L’ name change

Photo: Lorelei Pfeffer

A petition launched to pressure the Students’ Association to change the name of their Friday night club event – ‘P.U.L.L.’ – has succeeded, resulting in the night reverting back to its previous name of ‘The Bop’.

The petition, launched on 20 September, alleged that the name ‘P.U.L.L.’ (which officially stands for Postgraduates and Undergraduates Loving Life) was inappropriate and not inclusive towards all students due to the sexual connotations of the word “pull”.

The petition stated: “Friday nights in the Union are supposed to make everyone feel welcome but due to the re-naming of the nights many people have felt uncomfortable attending the events.”

“The name ‘P.U.L.L.’ has a sexual nature that makes many students feel pressured or uncomfortable and excluded from their Union events,” it continued.

The Students’ Representative Council’s member for gender equality, Alice Lecointe, said in her signature of the petition: “The University, Student’s Association and member for gender equality have been working hard on implementing a new sexual misconduct policy and organising the StAnd Together/Got Consent initiatives. The name ‘P.U.L.L’ has not only raised much concern within the student body, it also totally undermines and contradicts these crucial efforts.”

Less than 24 hours after the launch of the petition, the Students’ Association agreed to its demands and the events’ name has now been changed back to ‘The Bop’.

Chris MacRae, the Director of Events and Services, said he was, “pleased to see enthusiasm from our students to fight for something they believe in.”

“We don’t want people being uncomfortable in our club. Please let the sabbatical team know if you have any concerns about any of our operations,” he continued.

The petition had gained 427 signatures at the time of writing.


  1. As much as I like the return of the Bop, this all seems to be getting a bit out of hand. If a rubbish play on words is causing people severe anxiety, I hope for their sake they never have to leave warm, safe bosom of university life (apologies if the word ‘bosom’ offended anyone).

    Also, mildly ironic that the good folks behind SHAG week took issue with this particular acronym…

    • Nobody has said they’re suffering severe anxiety over the name? This is a minor problem which a lot of people identified with. It’s only become so big because so many people had the same minor problem with the name.

    • So true, and it’s funny that you posted the Atlantic article because that’s exactly what this story made me think of. When I was a student at St Andrews it was called the Bop, so naturally that is the name I am used to. Still, if someone is somehow offended by the word PULL, I don’t know how they are going to survive four years in St Andrews 😛

  2. It’s not that people are offended or ‘triggered’ by the name PULL, its that having that as the name gives the entire event a sexual connotation. There would have been people who just wanted to go out and have a good time (and not pull) who would get the wrong idea about the entire thing and wouldn’t go.

  3. All the easily offended people with the “minor problem” that was described above should have a look at this. The rest maybe, too.
    I sincerely hope you will personally develop and look beyond your personal issues. Then the bigger issue is more important than your individual non-being offended. Life outside University will give you a shock if you don’t mature.


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