New kids on the block, and we don’t just mean freshers

Illustration by: Dillon Yeh All photos by: Danielle Golds
Illustration by: Dillon Yeh
All photos by: Danielle Golds

1. Tulsi

Specialising in both Thai and Indian food, Tulsi replaced another Thai restaurant, Nahm Jim, during last term. While Indian food and curries are offered at a variety of restaurants in St Andrews, like Jahangir, Maisha and Balaka, Thai food is less common and seems to be something students are excited about. Prices range from about £9 to £15.

2. Continental Pantry

Trading up lingerie for fine foods and ingredients, 9 Church Street saw a drastic change in business in July with the opening of the Continental Pantry. Associated with La Petite Epicerie in Anstruther, a business that has been up and running since 2010, the Continental Pantry offers a wide range of ingredients from around the world, including a large selection of oils and vinegars, pasta and even a Bruschetta bar with take away sandwiches.

3. Adamson Bar

Opening discreetly at the end of last term as an attachment and extension of the Adamson restaurant, the Adamson Bar is one of only a few bars in town that specializes cocktails. Its main competition is the Beacon Bar at the Union. The bar offers unique cocktails, one of which is ‘The Physician,’ which includes vodka, St. Germain, mint and raspberries. The prices range from £6.50 to £8.95 per drink .

4. Nardini

Opening its doors for the first time during the Open Championship in July, Nardini started off during the busiest week of the summer. Nardini specializes in ice cream, but is also a café. It will compete with Janetta’s, as they are on opposite ends of South Street, and Luvians, the ice cream store on Market Street. Nardini is expected to capitalise on its proximity to both Madras’ South Street campus and the tourist bus stop across the street.

5. Tony Macaroni

Although not yet open, Tony Macaroni is set to replace Bella Italia, which closed last year. Construction has been underway months, however it does not look close to completion at this point. It will compete mainly with other Italian restaurants like Little Italy and Zizzi’s. Prices will range for pizza frp, £6.95 to £9.50 and for pasta dishes from £6.95 to £10.25.

6. Bobbi Brown

Perhaps attempting to capitalise on the overwhelming success of its neighbour Jo Malone, the upmarket cosmetics store opened this month making a statement with its bright pink neon lights. Bobbi Brown has little competition in town, except for Boots and Superdrug.The price ranges from £20 to £60 based on products, so it will certainly serve as the more expensive alternative.

7. Q Barbeque

A new type of restaurant for St Andrews, Q Barbeque began business during the Open Championship in July as the only restaurant specialising in American barbeque. The restaurant defines itself as a “relaxed joint,” with a short exclusive menu containing barbeque platters and sandwiches. It is open for lunch and dinner and prices range from £7.95 to £18.95.

8. Isle of Skye Candle Company

One of only four Skye stores around Scotland, the Isle of Skye Candle Company offers a unique business to the St Andrews community. The candles are unique and made with soya wax, which allows it to burn at a lower temperature so that a stronger fragrance can be released. They also sell shortbread and Harris Tweed products. Price ranges from around £8 to £20 per candle.

9. Marks and Spencer

The arrival of an M&S Foodhall, which opened on Wednesday 16 September, has added a new dimension to the food market in St Andrews by providing a bona fide luxury option in contrast to stores such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrison’s, and the budget retailer Aldi. It will replace the Dundee M&S as the closest one for St Andrews students.

10. Premier Inn

With rooms going for as little as £39 a night, the Premier Inn looks set to challenge the golf hotels and privately- run B&Bs that currently dominate the market. It promises to help the community by generating 25 jobs, but also has also promoted environmentally- friendly business conduct as seen by its green method of construction and its air source heat pumps.

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