Jedward x Azeem: “they were actually surprisingly good”

Photo: Terry Lee
Photo: Terry Lee

There are not many times where St Andrews can lay claim to exclusivity. Nevertheless, that is exactly what occurred on Tuesday when the internet sensation, Azeem, played his first ever UK gig. Fresh from his first ever Nandos, which he informed the crowd about several times, Azeem displayed his impressive flute talents for an hour long set alongside Californian DJ, Underbelly. The combination of flute and DJ was an unusual mix that worked quite well, although sometimes the crowd didn’t seem fully engaged in the performance. By far the highlight for the crowd was when Azeem played Sandstorm by Darude, a song that had been repeatedly requested through chants from the eager crowd. Unfortunately his set suffered from technical difficulties and didn’t seem fully polished. Azeem did not lack fans however when he mingled in with the crowd after his performance, mobbed by selfie-takers and offers of pablos from members of the audience.

[pullquote]What Jedward sometimes lacked in talent you could not deny they made up for in stage presence[/pullquote]

With a very quick changeover, Irish-born twins, Jedward, stampeded onto the stage. In matching white bomber jackets, they immediately pushed over their mic stands. Old timers compared to Azeem, they bounced around with great confidence blaring out hits including “Under Pressure” and “Lipstick”, their Eurovision classic. Their energy certainly rubbed off on the crowd, who sang and danced along. What Jedward sometimes lacked in talent you could not deny they made up for in stage presence.

Overall the event was well-planned and an enjoyable experience for any student looking for a unique evening during Freshers’ Week. The new layout of Club 601 also lended itself well to creating an intimate crowd experience. Jedward were perfectly summed up by a statement overheard in the crowd from one fresher: “they were actually surprisingly good”.

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