Freshers’ Week 2015: Sinners

Photo: Samantha Marcus

Wednesday night saw the return of Sinners Sports. Housed in the new venue of Club 601, Sinners was a sell-out, as the infamous night often is. There was a noticeable scramble for tickets all day, and they were nigh on impossible to obtain. On entrance to the new venue, party-goers were greeted by the classy new bar, flashing disco lights and a DJ onstage: a new aesthetic for sinners. There were the usual crowd-pleasing songs, sports teams in their respective outfits and queues at all the bars. It was clear that the union had put a lot of effort into making this a great night, and the new venue certainly impressed many. The highlight of the night for many was Azeem’s 15 minute cameo, a surprise which I would venture to say none of us expected. Once we had enjoyed his performance, he went on to mingle with the crowd and he was definitely a welcome addition to the night.

[pullquote]All in all, it seems a that a well-organized event does not necessarily result in a success.[/pullquote]

All in all, it seems a that a well-organized event does not necessarily result in a success; last night was unfortunately not the Sinners that many of us know and love. There was a steady stream of people going to and from the main bar in the Union and the majority of the night was not spent on the dance floor, as one might expect. It often seemed as though more fun was being had in the main bar and Sandys, rather than in the club itself. While 601 had a good number of people in it all night, there were noticeable empty spaces around the room as people stood with their teams, resulting in somewhat awkward situations at times.

This being said, Club 601 seems the ideal venue for the classic St Andrews Sinners night, and it must be remembered that the different vibe could easily be due to the fact that this Sinners was a Freshers’ Week event organised by the Union, as opposed to the AU. So perhaps once the first years have settled into sports clubs, the next sinners will return to its former glory.


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