A guide to autumn events

Photo: Lorelei Pfeffer
Photo: Lorelei Pfeffer

Only a few days into the year in this windy coastal town, you will realize that there isn’t much to do around St Andrews if you’re not in a society, a sports team, or actually doing the “required” reading for your modules. So we have a lot of extravagant parties to give us an excuse to partake in our favourite pastimes: drinking, dressing up, and taking pictures. The sheer volume of Facebook event invites you’re going to receive may become slightly over- whelming, but worry not: here is a guide to where you want to be and be seen throughout a year in the Bubble.

Kate Kennedy Opening Ball: You won’t be able to miss news about this formal event, as Facebook will become flooded with red and you’ll find yourself asking: who or what is Kate Kennedy? Regardless of the KK’s slightly infamous status, the ball is not a bad event in your first year. The South College Lawn is transformed into a classy venue with pretty lights and good music; your fellow St Andreans will have cleaned up nicely. This will also be your introduction to the truth of formal events: it is a lot less Cinderella, and a bit more Made in Chelsea. The free champagne and rampant pre-drinking makes long dresses a health hazard and stilettos a very bad idea (one word: cobblestones). Highlights: Janetta’s ice cream and mozzarella sticks.

Halloween: House of Horrors is a popular event for this time of spookiness and eccentric costumes, but I personally recommend seeking out whatever party your hall is hosting. As a first year, take advantage of the free booze hall events offer and use them as a gathering place for all your friends. Chances are, after you’re all nice and tipsy, someone will have heard about a house party and the masses can stumble their way to it. Highlight: Themed drinks and fun costumes.

Welly Ball: You’re going to need your wellies for this event because things tend to get very messy. Just as the pool of interesting and single people at St Andrews starts to feel a little small, here comes an onslaught of sharp-shooters from out of town. This ball is hosted by the Clay Pigeon Shooting club, which may seem kind of odd pick for a social event, but cast aside your doubts and dance the night away in comfortable footwear. Highlight: Not having blisters at the end of the night from heels.

St Andrews Ball, Christmas Ball: The true test of endurance comes in November, when two amazing balls are scheduled back-to-back, with little time to process liquor in between. St Andrews Ball culminates a week of celebrations revolving around the town and its 600+ years of history. It’s classy with nice drinks, ice cream, and a decent amount of food. It has a similar feel to Opening Ball, so if you think attending both may be a stretch, I would recommend Christmas Ball, organized by the vivacious, fun personalities in Mermaids, the Performing Arts group. You can feel the silly, vibrant nature of the group in every aspect of the ball: from the photo-ops with Santa, chocolate fountains and bubbly by the entrance and the ever-changing theme that is executed well and felt through- out. You are whisked away to a fairy-lit Kinkell Byre for the event, so it feels like bursting the Bubble, while knowing that Empire, cheesy chips and bed are only a twenty-minute bus ride away. Be sure to get tickets early because they sell out within minutes and trying to buy them later means you’ll pay double the original price, often more. Highlight: A chocolate fountain and a great Christmas atmosphere.


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