Move-in weekend: St Andrews en famille


You have finally made it to St Andrews. Congratulations! But before you are totally moved in, make sure to spend some last-minute quality time with your parents. It can be a stressful time: unpacking bags, pre-cleaning dorm rooms and setting up local accounts. However, you might not see your parents in the Bubble again until graduation. So take advantage of this moment to enjoy the town together.

Of course, it is tricky to truly experience any town as a rookie. Here are The Saint’s recommendations for any newcomer:

First things first, bond with your parents while doing a big shop at Morrisons. You will be grateful for their extra hands and, more importantly, their car while stocking up for the first time.

Photo: Elliot Davies
The cathedral is one of St Andrews’ most iconic landmarks Photo credit: Elliot Davies
The Adamson
The Adamson is located on South Street Photo credit: The Saint

After you have finished setting up your room, reward yourself with a take-out coffee from Taste. They serve the best cup in town, which is an important thing to know. With your coffee in hand, stroll down North Street and check out the ruins. Then head up the pier and enjoy the view. This is perhaps the most beautiful part of town, and your parents will be glad to see it.

Celebrate the start of your university career with dinner in town. St Andrews may be small, but it has a strong dining scene. Plus, it is always nice to be taken out, especially before student budgeting officially kicks in. The Adamson is a local restaurant that serves fantastic food in what used to be the home of the Adamson family in the early 1800s. Last spring, it added on the adjacent Adamson Bar, where you can order a great margarita and a whole host of inventive cocktails.

Photo credit: The Saint

If you have more time to kill, plan on brunch at Balgove Larder. A 30-minute walk from the center of town, this farm café is the perfect escape. (Pro tip: Order a scone with their homemade jam.) On your way over, stop by the golf course. The Swilcan Bridge connects the 1st and 18th fairways and is over 700 years old. Even if your parents think golf is a good walk spoiled, this historical landmark is a nice detour.

Between frantic trips to Dundee to purchase hampers and pillowcases and sightseeing tours in Edinburgh, it is easy to forget that St Andrews is a destination in itself. By showing it off to someone else, it might just start to feel like home.


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