A synopsis of St Andrews events for Freshers

Photo: Lorcan Obrien

As many of you probably already know, St Andrews is famed for the myriad of balls and events that take place every year. The sheer number of events taking place can be overwhelming at first, so that’s why we’re here to help guide you through it!

Throughout the year there are many balls that are worth attending. In spite of the high ticket prices, it’s worth spending money on a few of these each year, as they’re a welcome break from the casual nights out you will grow accustomed to. A must for all freshers is the annual Kate Kennedy (KK) Club Opening Ball, which is a great opportunity to get dressed up with all your new friends and make your debut on the St Andrews scene. This is a guaranteed great night every year, with fantastic bands and a great vibe in the beautifully decorated Lower College Lawn. For sporting enthusiasts, there is the Welly Ball, which sells out year after year. Another highlight of the year is the Mermaids Christmas Ball, which is immensely popular due to its location in Kinkell Byre and the promise of a festive evening to round off first semester. Come second semester, there is more to look forward to. This is when the majority of hall balls take place. These are always well attended by residents, and non-residents, due to the subsidised prices and the promise of an evening spent with your closest friends. Your hall ball is definitely worth attending, as hall committees put a lot of effort in to making sure it’s a fun night for everyone. Another ball worth mentioning here is Glitterball, hosted by the LGBT Society. Expect glitter all round. The KK round off the year with the famed May Ball, with legendary queues overnight for tickets showing it remains popular every year.

Other than the essential formal wear for these balls, remember to bring some more casual clothes, as St Andrews hosts a wide range of other events. Freshers’ Week brings great events such as Starfields and, of course, the line-up at the Union. At Halloween, expect to dress up at least once; the House of Horrors Charity Gala is a great way to celebrate the night. Oktoberfest – held in March here in St Andrews – is a day of celebrating German culture and fancy dress is heartily embraced. The Rugby 7s tournament and afterparty are popular every year, as other universities flock to St Andrews for the competition. The inaugural Polo Tournament also took place this year and was a great success. For those of you more inclined towards the fashion side of things, FS and Don’t Walk are a must, despite the pricy tickets. Expect to attend a number of wine and cheese evenings throughout the year, at which smart-casual dress code is the norm.

There are an amazing amount of events to attend in St Andrews, but don’t go overboard and go to them all in your first year: it’s worth saving some for later.


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