£14,000 raised for Rectors’ Fund

Photo credit: Yelim Lee

£14,000 has been raised for the Rectors’ fund this year, it has been confirmed.

The money for the Rectors’ Fund was raised primarily through one fundraising event – an external club that has donated to the Fund in the past held a dinner and an auction with proceeds going through to the Rectors’ Fund. £14,000 was raised at the dinner.

The money raised has been divided among the 2015 Rectors’ Scholars. 20 students were awarded grants of £500. Each grant was picked from a group of over 90 applications, which is the most applications the Rectors’ Fund has received to date.

Annie Newman, the Rector’s Assessor, said: “Both Catherine [Stihler, University Rector] and I are really excited about the success of the Rectors’ Fund this year; internships we are helping students complete are with organizations as diverse as the Assembleé Nationale in Paris, an LGBT rights NGO in Berlin, a laboratory conducting dementia research in St Andrews, and John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

“Most of these students would not be able to undertake these internships at all without their grant from the Rectors’ Fund. Even more inspiring in part are the breadth and depth of applications we received; St Andrews students are doing really, really amazing things, and the Rectors’ Fund will continue to exist to help make these things possible.” She continued.

Ms Newman also noted that when she and Ms Stihler took over earlier this year, the fund had been completely depleted. In order to avoid this problem in the future they have retained £4,000 from this year’s donation to establish a base for next year, and to “hopefully start a long term plan to grow the Fund to a more sustainable permanent size.”

The fund was established in 2012 by Ms Stihler’s predecessor as Rector, Alistair Moffat, to help make internships affordable for University of St Andrews students who might be otherwise be unable to take them up.


  1. I think the Rectors’ Fund is a great idea, but I have two issues with it. First, the actual grant size is smaller than most applicants’ would need it to be. Second, the application process is slightly too early. Plenty of students like myself are still looking for internships, and many applications have only just opened up in the UK. It’s slightly unfair that only students who’ve secured internships by April are able to apply.

    • You’re able to apply if you have not yet arranged an internship. If you are chosen as a Rector’s Scholar it is conditional on you securing an internship.


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