Blind Mirth live up to their reputation with ‘Mirthbusters’



On the back of their snazzy jackets reads the tagline “Very funny.” The jacket does not lie. The members of Blind Mirth are consistently a “very funny” group of people.  St Andrews has a number of students who participate in various forms of comedy, but Blind Mirth is the self-described “oldest, best, and incidentally only” improv troupe. Thus, Tuesday’s show was something special. Instead of performing their typical Monday night improv, for On the Rocks, Blind Mirth mixed it up with their annual foray into sketch comedy, and once again did so with great success.


Photo credit: Lightbox Fay Morrice and Maddie Inskeep
Photo credit: Tommy Rowe
Fay Morrice and Maddie Inskeep

Catherine Haslam had the audience laughing from even before the show officially started. She demonstrated her knacks both for playing to the crowd and for physical comedy by hilariously dancing/ miming along to a jazzy tune. In fact, the majority of the troupe members demonstrating strong physical comedy was a theme throughout much of the show. Fay Morrice and Maddie Inskeep especially deserve mention with their incredibly accurate (and very comical) portrayals of an agitated dog and a child doing the potty dance.

In total, Mirthbusters displayed nine sketches of varying length, incorporating different forms of media, self-made props, and costumes. The ability for each member of the troupe to commit and call back to material previously displayed to weave together one story, “A Tragedy in 3 Acts”, while also changing characters, tone, and sometimes accents from sketch to sketch is a testament to their talent both collectively and individually.

Of the nine sketches, a few particularly stood out as they left the audience riddled with laughter. In particular, the sketch titled “Prison Guards” was especially clever, humorously drawing parallels from Guy Fawkes to 9/11…a sentence I don’t think I ever expected to type. “Beauty Mask” was also notable, especially due to Hannah Rogers’ very memorable prop. And in the “Fartist”, Michael Grieve somehow managed to make fart jokes almost seem classy.

“The Finale” song had a good message denouncing Fifty Shades of Grey and was to the (as sung about) all too familiar, “Let it Go.” It would have been phenomenal, were it not for a few slightly technical difficulties, but it was still great. Kate Kitchens has a beautiful voice but unfortunately could not quite be heard due to said technical issues. However, once the rest of the gang joined in, they triumphantly finished their song and dance to raucous applause.

To conclude: Blind Mirth once again demonstrated their ability to put on a clever, crowd pleasing, and most importantly hilarious show. As avid fan of their Monday night improv, I and seemingly the rest of the audience was pleased with their annual branching out. They perform most Monday nights in the Barron for FREE and I heavily encourage all of you to check them out. If you want something to lift your spirits (ha) on a weekly basis, definitely call the Mirthbusters.


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