The Saint’s guide to sabbatical positions


As nominations for the Students’ Association elections open today and continue all this week, The Saint is on hand to give an idea of what positions we’re voting for – or if you’re planning on running, what responsibilities those positions entail.

The sabbatical officers are elected by students every March. These are usually either students who will graduate this summer or students who are currently in third year (but students from any year can run for these positions). These are full-time paid positions. They will hold office for one year between 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2016. Nominations for sabbatical positions opened Thursday (19 February) and will close on Thursday (26 February).

The Association president works on three main areas: external relations, affordability and strategy. They sit on the University Court and help to make decisions about how the University is run. They also sit on the St Andrews Community Council to represent student views within the town. They are the main contact for media and communications within the Association. Within their affordability role, the president helps with accommodation problems, including both private and University managed accommodation. They also work alongside the University to ensure that students from all backgrounds can afford to attend St Andrews. The president also spearheads the strategy for the Association, which determines the long term direction and future operational plans for the building.

The director of representation (DoRep) is responsible for representing student interests alongside the president. They sit with the president on the University Court. In their role of supporting education, they help to train and support the school presidents and class representatives to ensure they can help students who have problems within their schools and communicate student views to the library. They are also responsible for student wellbeing within the Association, including concerns such as personal safety, sexual health and mental health. They are responsible for the organisation and running of the Students’ Association elections each year.

The director of student development and activities (DoSDA) is responsible for the societies, subcommittees and Association projects within the Union. The DoSDA also recommends to the Association Board the level of funding to be given to the members of the Union Council, and helps Council members in their executive duties. They also approve expenditure and report on Union Council activity to the Association Board.

The director of events and services (DoES) is responsible for running Union events. This includes the planning of Freshers’ Week and Graduation Ball. They book acts and help with the running of society events. They also manage student input regarding bar and entertainment services at the Union.

You can read more about the sabbatical positions and the incumbent officers on our elections hub here.


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